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Oct 24, 2022, 11:17:12 AM10/24/22
to jPOS Users
Good morning

Could someone help me with a minimum configuration for the Logger and save the most compact log possible? 

This is my actual config:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

<logger name="Q2" class="org.jpos.q2.qbean.LoggerAdaptor">
<property name="redirect" value="${logger.redirect}" />
<log-listener class="org.jpos.util.SimpleLogListener" />

<log-listener class="org.jpos.util.ProtectedLogListener">
<property name="protect" value="2 14 35 45" />
<property name="wipe" value="52 55 120" />

<log-listener class="org.jpos.util.RotateLogListener">
<property name="file" value="log/q2.log" />
<property name="window" value="86400" />
<property name="copies" value="90" />
<property name="maxsize" value="100000000" />


Alejandro Revilla

Nov 2, 2022, 4:04:15 PM11/2/22
to jpos-...@googlegroups.com
You can reduce the number of copies and max size to keep less time. Verbosity would be the same, unless you create different loggers for different components, and eventually a NOLOG logger with no listeners.

As part of jPOS 3 (branch 'next'), we plan to overhaul the audit log subsystem in order to make it more friendly to log aggregation tools, better tracing, etc. so stay tuned.

jPOS is licensed under AGPL - free for community usage for your open-source project. Licenses are also available for commercial usage. Please support jPOS, contact: sa...@jpos.org
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