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arsalan fallah

Nov 4, 2021, 1:29:09 PM11/4/21
to jPOS Users
Hi everyone
 Does JPos have any Features for managing Redis in project ?
we have a Switching project for bank and this project wrote multi thread and it is managed with JPos  and  I want to save some values on Memory  .which solution do you purpose?

Alejandro Revilla

Nov 4, 2021, 1:35:26 PM11/4/21

A long time ago I wrote a PoC to use Redis with jPOS, using Jedis as a dependency.

I wrote a JedisService that you can initialize using a simple QBean descriptor like this:

<!-- deploy/05_jedis_service.xml -->
<jedis-service class="org.jpos.jedis.JedisService" logger="Q2">
   <property name="host" value="redishost" />
   <property name="port" value="6379" />
   <property name="timeout" value="120000" />
   <property name="ping-every" value="60000" />

I also wrote a JedisLogListener, that looks like this:

<!-- deploy/00_jedis_logger.xml -->
<logger name="JEDISLOG" class="org.jpos.q2.qbean.LoggerAdaptor">
 <log-listener class="org.jpos.util.JedisLogListener">
     <property name="jedis-queue" value="jCardLog" />

The JedisService QBean implementation was super simple:

package org.jpos.jedis;

import org.jpos.iso.ISOUtil;
import org.jpos.q2.QBeanSupport;
import org.jpos.util.NameRegistrar;
import org.jpos.util.Profiler;
import redis.clients.jedis.Jedis;

public class JedisService extends QBeanSupport implements Runnable {
   protected void initService() throws Exception {
       NameRegistrar.register(getName(), this);
   protected void startService() throws Exception {
       if (cfg.getLong("ping-every", 0L) > 0L)
           new Thread(this, getName()).start();
   protected void stopService() throws Exception {
   public Jedis getConnection()
  getLog().info("getting a new jedis connection");
  Jedis jedis = new Jedis(
               cfg.get("host", "localhost"),
               cfg.getInt("port", 6379),
               cfg.getInt("timeout", 120000)) ;
  return jedis;
   public void run() {
       while (running()) {
           try {
               Profiler prof = new Profiler();
               Jedis jedis = getConnection();
               getLog().info("PING", prof);
          } catch (Exception e) {
           ISOUtil.sleep(cfg.getLong("ping", 60000L));

as well as the JedisLogListener:

package org.jpos.util;

import org.jpos.core.Configurable;
import org.jpos.core.Configuration;
import org.jpos.core.ConfigurationException;
import org.jpos.iso.ISOUtil;
import org.jpos.jedis.JedisService;
import redis.clients.jedis.Jedis;

public class JedisLogListener implements Configurable, LogListener, Runnable {
   String jedisService;
   String jedisQueue;
   Space sp = SpaceFactory.getSpace();
   public static final long BUFFER_TIMEOUT = 300000L;
   public static final long RELAX = 1000L;

   public LogEvent log(LogEvent logEvent) {
       sp.out(jedisQueue, new FrozenLogEvent(logEvent), BUFFER_TIMEOUT);
       return logEvent;
   public void setConfiguration(Configuration cfg) throws ConfigurationException {
       jedisService = cfg.get("jedis-service", "jedis-service");
       jedisQueue = cfg.get("jedis-queue", null);
       if (jedisQueue == null)
           throw new ConfigurationException("jedis-queue property not configured");
       if (jedisService == null)
           throw new ConfigurationException("jedis-service property not configured");
       new Thread(this, "JedisLogger:" + jedisService + ":" + jedisQueue).start();
   public void run() {
       for (int i=0;;) {
           try {
               JedisService js = (JedisService) NameRegistrar.getIfExists(jedisService);
               if (js == null) {
                   if (i++ > 60)
                       throw new NameRegistrar.NotFoundException(jedisService + " not found");
               FrozenLogEvent evt = (FrozenLogEvent) sp.rd(jedisQueue, 5000L);
               if (evt != null) {
                   Jedis jedis = js.getConnection();
                   jedis.rpush(jedisQueue, evt.toString());
          } catch (Exception e) {
               Log.getLog("Q2", "jedis-log-listener").error(e);
               ISOUtil.sleep(RELAX); // take it easy on errors

Hope this gives you some pointers.

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Victor Salaman

Nov 4, 2021, 1:35:38 PM11/4/21
to 'Ruchira Biyani' via jPOS Users
You can always use Jedis, and talk to Redis yourself. Redis is one of those you can't really do a general purpose integration, it is meant for specific use-cases that unfortunately are solution-specific. Try Jedis, use it, trust me the integration will probably take you a day or so.


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