Configuring packager for a variable length subfield like Mastercard Field 126.7

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Dec 29, 2022, 9:38:13 AM12/29/22
to jPOS Users
The last subfield (126.7) of Mastercard Field 126 is a variable length subfield. But it doesn't contain length bytes at the start of the subfield. How can I configure a packager for this?

Below is what I have configured, but it creates problem in parsing when the length of Field-126.7 is less than 26. Please guide.

<isofieldpackager id="126" length="50" class="org.jpos.iso.IFA_LLLCHAR" packager="org.jpos.iso.packager.GenericSubFieldPackager" emitBitmap="false" maxValidField="7" name="Switch Private Data">
<isofield id="0" length="1" class="org.jpos.iso.IF_NOP" name="NOT PRESENT" />
<isofield id="1" length="3" class="org.jpos.iso.IF_CHAR" name="Settlement Service Data" />
<isofield id="2" length="10" class="org.jpos.iso.IF_CHAR" name="Single Message System Private Data 1" />
<isofield id="3" length="1" class="org.jpos.iso.IF_CHAR" name="Cross-Border Transaction Indicator" />
<isofield id="4" length="1" class="org.jpos.iso.IF_CHAR" name="Currency Indicator" />
<isofield id="5" length="3" class="org.jpos.iso.IF_CHAR" name="Fraud Score" />
<isofield id="6" length="6" class="org.jpos.iso.IF_CHAR" name="Fraud Risk Indicator" />
<isofield id="7" length="26" class="org.jpos.iso.IF_CHAR" name="Single Message System Private Data 2" />

Jan 4, 2023, 8:17:28 AMJan 4
to jPOS Users
Can anyone help on this?

Mark Salter

Jan 4, 2023, 1:58:30 PMJan 4
It is a private field, can you correct the definition of this field to include a length?

Can you share why the field will be shorter than defined? Perhaps it is absent rather than shorter?

If you cannot change/correct the whole field structure, then you can deal with the field as a whole instead of the subfield and breaking up manually based on the number of bytes available.


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