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murtuza chhil

May 17, 2022, 1:06:17 AMMay 17
to jPOS Users

Which jmeter plugin are you using for ISO Messages?
We use , this one uses jpos in the plugin so the channel and packagers used in the plugin are identical to the ones you use in stanalone jpos.

Go through the tuorials at

This one tells you how to configure a server and client with channels and packagers and has a running projects.

You can plugin your channels and packager references like

<channel class="" logger="Q2" realm="channel-1"
  <property name="packager-config" value="cfg/test-packager.xml" />

You will need to place the packager in the appropriate path.

The channel adds a 2-byte length header and adds a trailer byte.


On Monday, May 16, 2022 at 9:20:11 PM UTC+5:30 wrote:
Hello , I'm making a java configuration that allows me to send an iso message to a neapay server . I succeeded to send the message to the server but there's a problem with it , there are several numbers at the beginning of the message that makes the whole message structure wrong . 
I used the iso plugin in jmeter ( using the test packager xml and the base24tcpchannel ) and it worked fine , now I'm trying to send the same message , using the same packager and channel to compare and see if I can get the same result .
I managed to implement the same packager , now I want to know how to use the base24tcpchannel as well . 

Here's part of the code I'm using to send a message : 

public static void IsoMessage() throws Exception {

InputStream is = new FileInputStream("/Users/mohammedmohsinabbas/Downloads/test-packager.xml")
GenericPackager packager = new GenericPackager(is);
Socket clientSocket = new Socket("", 9009);

ISOMsg isoMsg = new ISOMsg("0800");
isoMsg.set(3, "000010"); //3: n6 : Processing Code
isoMsg.set(4, "12999"); // 4: n12: Amount Transaction
isoMsg.set(7, "1206041200"); // 7: n10: Transmission Date & Time

isoMsg.set(11, "768956"); // 11: n6 : System Trace audit number
isoMsg.set(41, "12340301"); // 41: Card acceptor terminal identification
isoMsg.set(49, "950"); // 49: Currency Code, transaction

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