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Jul 8, 2013, 8:11:28 AM7/8/13
to jphototagger-...@googlegroups.com
There is a minor problem with JPT v0.32.12 when used with more than on display. I regularly have to switch between single and dual screen with my notebook and JPT does remember apparently its last screen position when the JPT application is closed. However very often JPT is not visible after start, because it is placed outside the visible screen area. Only with third party "windows hunter" tools I am able to get JPT back on the screen.

Is it possible to disable or reset the last screen position of JPT? Or can JPT start by default on the main screen?

Regards, James

Elmar Baumann

Jul 8, 2013, 4:20:24 PM7/8/13
to jphototagger-...@googlegroups.com, JAmes
Hi James,

what are the values in
"%USERPROFILE%\.de.elmar_baumann\ImageMetaDataViewer\Settings.properties" (%USERPROFILE%
is e.g. C:\Users\James") of
org.jphototagger.program.app.ui.AppFrame.LocationX and
org.jphototagger.program.app.ui.AppFrame.LocationY - the screen
coordinates in pixels of the application windows's top left corner? If
negative or very high: Does it fix that issue if set to zero
(org.jphototagger.program.app.ui.AppFrame.LocationX=0) with notepad and
saved before JPT starts?



Jul 9, 2013, 6:00:14 AM7/9/13
to jphototagger-...@googlegroups.com
Hello Elmar,

yes, the value of "...LocationX" can be very high (e.g. 2160 with my two Full-HD screens), when JPT was positioned on the non-main dislay)
After closing JPT, editing the file "Settings.properties" and restart of JPT it worked!
I just edited "org.jphototagger.program.app.ui.AppFrame.LocationX=100"and JPT started on the main screen.

Thank you for the good hint. Good to know in cases, were JPT is just visible on the win taskbar, but not on the screen.
Termination of JPT is still possible from the taskbar with right mouse button "close". And the editing of the settings file is not too much effort.

Apparently it is always wise to start JPT only on the main screen or to use WinHunter to catch it.
BTW: Also the Winamp media player has such multi screen problem

Oops: I just found out a wonderful solution.
On Win7 there is no move option for applications in the task bar. But, there is an option with the specific Windows-Key.
Pushing Win-Key together with Left- or Right-Key will move any selected application step by step trough all displays through three different postions (left, right, centered)
That is cool and works of course also for JPT. So no need for JPT update, but you just have to know this crazy trick with Windows/Cursor-Keys.

Regards, James
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