Using URIs rather than files

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Feb 24, 2010, 2:00:16 PM2/24/10
to JPhotoTagger Developers
Currently JPhotoTagger references images as files. If JPhotoTagger
URIs rather than files it can handle images from different sources,
from a web server.

1. Migrating

1.1 Check in the table "application" whether filenames has to be
converted into URIs
1.2 If not done, convert in table "files" the file names into URIs,
absolute form, NOT canonical
1.3 The thumbnail cache already uses file:// URIs
1.4 If successful, write that into the table "application" as done

2. Hints for code changes

2.1 Use URIs where currently File objects used and where Strings
used as filenames
2.2 Thumbnail Cache: URI's protocol rather than "file://"
2.3 Define a handled subset of protocols: file, http, ftp for
retrieving the time of last file modification, e.g. "Last-
in the HTTP header

3. GUI

3.1 Add tabs for HTTP and FTP or use a generic tree with different
parent nodes for different protocols


Mar 15, 2010, 4:33:31 PM3/15/10
to JPhotoTagger Developers
Will not be implemented. The user shall be mount remote file systems
into the local file system to get this capability.
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