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Dec 6, 2006, 2:04:01 AM12/6/06

Dear Customers, Clients & Colleagues,

I'm writing today to let you know about our new services and products for December.  Please let us know if you are interested by replying to this e-mail, calling us at 530-878-1119 or 800-704-9800 or faxing us at 425-955-4639.

Our New Health Blog:  We have just created a new health blog.  It's free.  Go to the following link to see our blog and become a member.  If you become a member you can receive e-mail notification every time we update our blog.  The blog will be focused on iridology, nutrition, herbs, muscle testing, and other articles related to health.

Constitutional Iridology Software: We are now carrying Milo Milosevic's software.  This Iridology software CD covers the iridology constitutions as gathered by Milo Milosevic N.D. over his lecturing years. This is a compilation of the constitutions from Deck, Angerer and American constitutions.  He has presented the ones that have seemed most appropriate for Australian naturopaths. It is written in such a way as to make it easily patient compliant & the analysis can be used even as a handout sheet. The constitutions are divided into blue, brown & mixed with dietry & lifestyle guidelines.  The Iridology software CD also contains many photographs of irides from Milo's clinical cases, also other pupil and iris signs as well. The purpose of this Iridology software CD is to bring the constitutions alive in a easily manageable way that will encourage the therapist to ask most questions about the patient as well as be aware of the health direction the person is going towards. $149US.

Fundamental Iridology Flash Cards by Toni Miller: You will love  the newest of our 'Integrated Iridology' products. A boxed set of 32 cards featuring high quality images on one side with graphics and detailed descriptions on the reverse. Some of the terms in classical iridology have been changed to enhance understanding. Explanations are based on 'Integrated Iridology' concepts - combining American, European and Australian philosophies.Terminology has been thoughtfully written with both the iridologist and the client in mind. A satin finish protective coating make these cards a very attractive addition to your iridology resources. Perfect  briefcase or desktop reference. Ideal for students, teachers and professional iridologists. $30US.

The New Iridologist SoftwareAuthor Toni Miller is a Medical herbalist and Naturopath who pioneered teaching a cohesive blend of philosophies from the United States and Europe - 'Integrated Iridology'(C)  The NEW Iridologist is an upgrade of the 2001 edition. It is based on the teachings of Bernard Jensen, and European masters including Josef Deck, Joseph Angerer and Theodor Kreige. This software is an extensive resource unparalleled in the industry featuring detailed information, beautiful graphics and over 250 iris photographs on Basic iris signs, 18 European Constitutions, the Iris Structures, Pupil Signs, Sclera Signs, Psychological indicators, and the Collarette (A.N.W.) It is ideal for learning or for explaining various signs in the iris to your clients. The information in this software package is ideal for producing iridology reports.This was the first Iridology data program in the world. Released in 1998, this is the third revision and still remains the best value for money iridology data programs available in the world.  This is a superb work ideal for produciing reports $395US.

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Brenda Generali, President
Joyful Living Services
Phones: 530-878-1119 or 800-704-9800
Fax: 425-955-4639

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