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Nov 26, 2006, 6:35:46 PM11/26/06

Dear Customers, Clients, and Colleagues,

I'm writing today to let you know what our new product is and what our holiday specials are.  If you are interested please either reply to this e-mail, call us at 800-704-9800 or 530-878-1119 or fax us at 425-955-4639.

Important Note:  All our courses will be going up $100 in January 2007 so order before the end of the year to receive the lower price!

December Holiday Newsletter

Our December Holiday newsletter is free and can be downloaded at:  If you would like us to e-mail it to you or mail you a hard copy please e-mail us and let us know and we will take care of that for you right away.

New Product - Emergen-C


Stop taking regular Vitamin C!  Most commercial brands of Vitamin C only contain ascorbic acid, not the non-acidic, mineral-buffered form of Vitamin C called mineral ascorbates, found in Emergen-C Vitamin C Drink Mix.


We are now selling Emergen-C to all our customers.  Mineral ascorbates, the true Vitamin C, are produced naturally in the livers of 99.9% of all animals, but not in humans. Vitamin C, in the form of mineral ascorbates, has countless advantages over pure ascorbic acid. Mineral ascorbates are neutral (non-acidic) and have no adverse side effects, unlike high levels of ascorbic acid which may cause heartburn, nausea, flatulence, diarrhea, and excess urination, inducing loss of minerals. Most health seekers are unaware that ascorbic acid is only an intermediate form of Vitamin C. What they really need are seven fully reacted mineral ascorbates found only in Emergen-C.


High in Potassium, Emergen-C provides a powerful antioxidant to the 70 trillion cells in the body along with a full complement of B Vitamins and 32 mineral complexes that replenish valuable electrolytes.


Raspberry Emergen-C fizzes in water to furnish 1,000 mg of Vitamin C with 32 different mineral complexes plus B Vitamins.


At the first sign of a cold take Emergen-C and see what happens.  You will be surprised how it helps your immune system overnight become stronger to fight off infection faster. Contact Brenda at the number above for more information or to order your pack.  See our web page located at:


Holiday Specials


 Become a Certified Iridologist Special! - $450.00 + Shipping (SAVE $150!)

Order the Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced Iridology Correspondence courses all at one time during December and receive them at $450 instead of $600! This saves you $150! Receive 9 DVDs or 9 video tapes plus manuals on 3 CD-ROMs. If you want manuals printed then there is an extra $25 charge for printing services. Please see our catalog for an order form and to read the course descriptions. Please contact us directly if you live in Canada as we have special pricing for Canadian students.  Go to to download the information on the course.


SAVE $50 on any 1 online or CD-ROM Course (Regularly priced at $200 each). 

This special applies to the following 4 courses.  Click on the links below the course titles to

download the course descriptions and registration forms:

Certified Anatomy & Physiology:

Certified Business Development:

Certified Herbal Counselor:

Certified Health and Nutrition Counselor:


Purchase the SD8004-Super Digital 8.1MP Iridology Camera now with 8 fiber optic heads, $4,100 with face stand and case, $3,400 without face stand and receive 1 CD-ROM course  for free (SAVE $200!) (Iridology Station 5.0 software is sold separately for $500!)

Joyful Living Services in partnership with Allison Imaging is offering this high resolution 8.1MP Iridology setup which offers uncompromising quality at an affordable price. The digital sensor in this award-winning camera incorporates extra large pixels that are specifically optimized for low noise and high saturation giving you the best image quality available.   We use a highly regarded macro lens along with a special eight-head fiber optic lighting system that flashes in the pupil so none of the iris is obscured with flash dots. Because of the power of our unique Iridology system, you can greatly magnify the size of the image on your computer screen. This gives you the option to zoom in and observe minute nuances that are simply unavailable with other cameras. Click here to see an example of the quality you can add to your practice. Now check the images from other cameras and see why we are so excited to offer this package at this price.  The portable fully adjustable custom stand is made of heavy duty plate aluminum with stainless steel guides rather than the plastic found in other systems. This gives you unequaled strength, stability and longevity. It is easy to set up on any table, at any location for ultimate portability and comfort.  The fiber optic system is made of high-density silicon glass and has eight illumination tips instead of the two usually found on other units. This gives you perfectly illuminated shots every time without flash spots on the iris. The twin head focus light is embedded in the flash ring giving you ease in focusing while being easy on the client. The camera comes with all the drivers, manuals, and instructions making it easy to take stunning pictures that will impress your clients and offer excellent clinical advantages over any other camera in this price range. We also include Iridology software that will automatically scan the iris and compile a report that you can share with your clients making the start of your business a breeze. Camera model is a Cannon XT Rebel. Camera comes with a 1-year manufactures warranty.  We offer an additional 5-year warranty for $69.  Camera comes with a 105mm macro lens. Please click here to see an image from this camera and then compare our image to others. We are sure you will find what we have is by far the best image quality for the price. Please click here  to see instructions on how to use the camera as a hand-held camera.  Each Cannon XT Rebel camera comes with a 1-year limited warranty. We also offer an additional 5-year warranty on the camera. This warranty does not cover accidents. There is an additional charge of $69 for this warranty protection. Let us know if you are interested when ordering your camera set-up.  If you are excited to get started and need financing, we offer very reasonable financing.   The bank we use charges a low 12% interest.  If you purchase a $4,600 camera and choose to pay for it on a 36-month plan then your monthly payments will be $162.43.  There is no money down with a $1 buyout. Please click here to read about leasing options and click here to download a credit application to apply for a lease.  Leases are available for anyone within the United States and Canada at this time. Contact Brenda for more information and/or a quote.


Brenda Generali, President

Joyful Living Services

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