Cannot execute binary file in [compile-kenlm] stage of pipeline

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Aug 7, 2015, 10:39:33 AM8/7/15
to Joshua Technical Support

I'm new to Joshua and so just trying to follow the quick start. The project builds fine with ant and JAVA_HOME and JOSHUA are both set. When running this:

$JOSHUA/bin/ --source bn --target en \

    --no-prepare --aligner berkeley \

    --corpus input/bn-en/tok/ \

    --tune input/bn-en/tok/ \

    --test input/bn-en/tok/

I get this error:

[source-numlines] rebuilding...

  dep=/opt/joshua/models/bn-en/joshua-decoder-indian-parallel-corpora-1f235c9/bn-en/tok/ [CHANGED]

  cmd=cat /opt/joshua/models/bn-en/joshua-decoder-indian-parallel-corpora-1f235c9/bn-en/tok/ | wc -l

  took 0 seconds (0s)

[source-numlines] retrieved cached result => 20788

[berkeley-aligner-chunk-0] rebuilding...

  dep=alignments/0/word-align.conf [CHANGED]

  dep=/opt/joshua/models/bn-en/data/train/splits/ [CHANGED]

  dep=/opt/joshua/models/bn-en/data/train/splits/corpus.en.0 [CHANGED]

  dep=alignments/0/training.align [NOT FOUND]

  cmd=java -d64 -Xmx10g -jar /opt/joshua/joshua-v6.0.4/lib/berkeleyaligner.jar ++alignments/0/word-align.conf

  took 156 seconds (2m36s)

child finished

[aligner-combine] rebuilding...

  dep=alignments/0/training.align [CHANGED]

  dep=alignments/training.align [NOT FOUND]

  cmd=cat alignments/0/training.align > alignments/training.align

  took 0 seconds (0s)

[thrax-input-file] rebuilding...

  dep=/opt/joshua/models/bn-en/joshua-decoder-indian-parallel-corpora-1f235c9/bn-en/tok/ [CHANGED]

  dep=/opt/joshua/models/bn-en/joshua-decoder-indian-parallel-corpora-1f235c9/bn-en/tok/ [CHANGED]

  dep=alignments/training.align [CHANGED]

  dep=/opt/joshua/models/bn-en/data/train/thrax-input-file [NOT FOUND]

  cmd=paste /opt/joshua/models/bn-en/joshua-decoder-indian-parallel-corpora-1f235c9/bn-en/tok/ /opt/joshua/models/bn-en/joshua-decoder-indian-parallel-corpora-1f235c9/bn-en/tok/ alignments/training.align | perl -pe 's/\t/ ||| /g' | grep -v '()' | grep -v '||| \+$' > /opt/joshua/models/bn-en/data/train/thrax-input-file

  took 0 seconds (0s)

[thrax-run] rebuilding...

  dep=/opt/joshua/models/bn-en/data/train/thrax-input-file [CHANGED]

  dep=thrax-hiero.conf [CHANGED]

  dep=grammar.gz [NOT FOUND]

  cmd=hadoop/bin/hadoop jar /opt/joshua/joshua-v6.0.4/thrax/bin/thrax.jar -D'-Xmx2g' thrax-hiero.conf thrax > thrax.log 2>&1; rm -f grammar grammar.gz; hadoop/bin/hadoop fs -getmerge thrax/final/ grammar.gz

  took 107 seconds (1m47s)

[lm-sort-uniq] rebuilding...

  dep=/opt/joshua/models/bn-en/joshua-decoder-indian-parallel-corpora-1f235c9/bn-en/tok/ [CHANGED]

  dep=/opt/joshua/models/bn-en/joshua-decoder-indian-parallel-corpora-1f235c9/bn-en/tok/ [NOT FOUND]

  cmd=/opt/joshua/joshua-v6.0.4/scripts/training/scat /opt/joshua/models/bn-en/joshua-decoder-indian-parallel-corpora-1f235c9/bn-en/tok/ | sort -u -T /tmp -S 2G | gzip -9n > /opt/joshua/models/bn-en/joshua-decoder-indian-parallel-corpora-1f235c9/bn-en/tok/

  took 0 seconds (0s)

[kenlm] rebuilding...

  dep=/opt/joshua/models/bn-en/joshua-decoder-indian-parallel-corpora-1f235c9/bn-en/tok/ [CHANGED]

  dep=lm.gz [NOT FOUND]

  cmd=/opt/joshua/joshua-v6.0.4/bin/lmplz -o 5 -T /tmp -S 2G --verbose_header --text /opt/joshua/models/bn-en/joshua-decoder-indian-parallel-corpora-1f235c9/bn-en/tok/  | gzip -9n > lm.gz

  took 0 seconds (0s)

[compile-kenlm] rebuilding...

  dep=lm.gz [CHANGED]

  dep=lm.kenlm [NOT FOUND]

  cmd=/opt/joshua/joshua-v6.0.4/src/joshua/decoder/ff/lm/kenlm/build_binary lm.gz lm.kenlm

  JOB FAILED (return code 126)

/bin/bash: /opt/joshua/joshua-v6.0.4/src/joshua/decoder/ff/lm/kenlm/build_binary: cannot execute binary file

Other stuff that might be relevant:

1. Here's what uname -a returns: 
Linux localhost.localdomain 3.10.0-229.el7.x86_64 #1 SMP Fri Mar 6 11:36:42 UTC 2015 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux

2. I installed java open jdk 1.7 via yum.

3. I didn't install hadoop - didn't think it was needed.

4. I'm in /opt/, but have chmod'd and opened up permissions for the user running this command.

5. Cannot execute binary seems to be something often associated with running 32bit on 64bit systems, but I can't see where I might have screwed that up.

Any pointers?

Thanks very much.

Matt Post

Aug 7, 2015, 10:42:59 AM8/7/15
I would try rebuilding kenlm; it looks like you have an incompatible binary. You can do this with

    cd $JOSHUA/src/joshua/decoder/ff/lm/kenlm
    make clean
    cd $JOSHUA
    ant kenlm

matt (from my phone)
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