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Guillaume Maillard

Feb 15, 2014, 1:16:10 PM2/15/14

the server and the RDP server cannot be on the same machine (


2014-02-14 21:29 GMT+01:00 Aljoscha Kretschmann <>:

I am from Germany and I'm not a geek, only a chemist ;-)

I bought a Sun Ray 2 and connectet to my router where DHCP is enabled. If I start the ray, I can see It's IP and Mac-ID.
Also my Computer isconnected to the Router via LAN cable and jOpenRay is running.
I have no Smartcard.
At the first running there was still a Mac ID and a smartcard configured which I cant edit. So I Closed the Program and Opened the XML Config files to edit them manually.
My Config Now Is:
Client: SunRay2 Name: SunRay2 ID 0021283A22C8 toSend:-1 Screen Width:1024 Screen heigt:768 Name: sn Value: 0021283A22C8

Cards: None

Users: Aljoscha
Sessions: Win7, RDP, Server (My PC) Login: Aljoscha: Password: **********

Thats all. There Are no events. Is my server still running? Why does my Sun Ray 2 not connect? Have I forgot any configs or do I have to configure any windows things?

Please help me with that technical stuff.


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Oliver Freeman

Feb 19, 2014, 7:00:28 AM2/19/14
I had similar issues when I first set my SunRay 2 up, it still doesn't work correctly because of the keyboard mappings.
The easiest way to set it up without the SRSS installed, is to use a Windows Server, set up with DHCP server which has 049 - X Window System Display option enabled with the IP of your server in the IP list.
If you then run jOpenRay server on that computer or virtual machine, the SunRay will discover that server.
To make sure that things are running correctly to start with, it would be a good idea to collect everything locally, e.g:
Ethernet Switch
Windows Server (VM)
Windows XP/7 (VM with RDP enabled)
Both VM's hosted on one computer with bridged networking enabled in VirtualBox
SunRay 2 - Connected to switch

With the system set up like that, you should get somewhere.
The other issue is that jOpenRay has different keyboard mappings so the keys on the keyboard don't enter the letter that they should in RDP sessions.

On Saturday, February 15, 2014 7:30:14 PM UTC, Aljoscha Kretschmann wrote:
Ok so my Ray is now, Router is, My Computer with the jOpenRay is So RDP must be configured as right?  Or shouldbe there the adress of the Ray?

Have I to do anything else? The Problem is that my Ray does not find any sunray config server. :-(
The Server starts automaticalls if the jor program is running, right?
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