java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Field is not contained in Row (1)

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Alexander Reichman

Dec 28, 2021, 5:29:59 AM12/28/21
to jOOQ User Group


I am trying to evaluate JOOQ and I created the simple project in Eclipse based on the example provided here

Using Java Object Oriented Querying (jOOQ) with PostgreSQL - 2ndQuadrant | PostgreSQL

I have successfully generated the classes when I am running the simple java program to retrieve  the data from database I am getting the following error here ( screen shot is attached)

Integer rank = r.getValue(LARGECITIES.RANK);

java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Field (“jooq”.”largecities”.”rank”) is not contained in Row (1)
at org.jooq.impl.Tools.indexFail(
at org.jooq.impl.AbstractRecord.get(
at org.jooq.impl.AbstractRecord.getValue(
at org.jooq.jOOQTestpackage.Main.main(

However I have created the table largecities in the Public schema. “TEST” is the name of my database in Postgres.

Any help will be appreciated


Eclipse Project.JPG

Lukas Eder

Dec 28, 2021, 5:49:19 AM12/28/21
to jOOQ User Group
Thanks for your message.

For the record, you also cross posted this here:

For the benefit of other readers, can you please complete that stack overflow question with the full details.

The answer is simple. Your query doesn't do anything. It does not list any columns in SELECT, nor does it list any tables in FROM. You cannot read a specific column from your result, which you didn't include in the query.

I hope this helps,

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