JOOQ doesn't set a parameter when its marked as both IN and OUT

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Trisha gangadhar

Mar 22, 2022, 3:01:50 PMMar 22
to jOOQ User Group
I am using a setter to set an IN Parameter, in my oracle stored procedure, its marked as below

       test_1                        IN OUT       someType,
      test_2                         IN.               someType

when I use the setter , setTest1 which is auto generated 
Test test = new Test();
, it sets the value. But when I execute
test.execute(configuration). the binding log shows the value as ? and I get this error
"wrong number or types of arguments in call" , I see all other params are set successfully.

Is this is a known issue? what is the workaround?

Lukas Eder

Mar 22, 2022, 3:05:10 PMMar 22
to jOOQ User Group
Hi Trisha,

Thanks for your message. I'm not aware of such a limitation, at least not for those dialects for which we support stored procedures. Can you provide a more complete reproducer, including:

- What RDBMS is this about
- What version of jOOQ are you using
- What specific type is someType
- How did you set up your code generator
- Anything else the helps reproduce the issue

Note we have a template to create MCVE's for bug reports and support requests: Perhaps that's helpful


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