[ ANNOUNCEMENT ] 3.15.4 patch releases with minor improvements and bug fixes

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Lukas Eder

Oct 28, 2021, 6:47:29 AM10/28/21
to jOOQ User Group
Version 3.15.4 - October 27, 2021

This is a 3.15 patch release with minor improvements and bug fixes

Features and Improvements
#12473 - Add better Javadoc documentation about what Class<T> literals can be passed to DSL.val(Object, Class), etc.
#12489 - Log warning in code generator when wrong runtime version is used
#12510 - DefaultConverterProvider should be able to convert from JSON(B) to the usual JSON types and back
#12559 - Add support for enums in PostgreSQL R2DBC

Bug Fixes
#12458 - Mix of parent- and child-objects cannot be read from database
#12460 - KotlinGenerator setter return type must be Unit also for records
#12482 - DSL.arrayGet() does not generate required parentheses
#12496 - Ignored COMMENT ON CONSTRAINT syntax should support qualified object identifiers
#12503 - NPE in Query.equals() when Query isn't attached
#12505 - Meta does not produce correct DataType::nullable information when data type isn't supported
#12514 - DataTypeException in multiset with a mapped nested row
#12521 - Parser should support PERCENTILE_CONT / PERCENTILE_DISC with expressions as percentiles
#12522 - Unable to fetch Instant field within a multiset
#12524 - Field with Converter<String, Boolean> inside multiset causes JSON parsing error on Oracle
#12546 - Lenient support for H2's time zone format when using the Instant type
#12548 - Field<Instant>.div(int) regression for Instant fields that have a converter
#12550 - Wrong JSON_MERGE_PRESERVE function generated when embedding JSON in MULTISET in MariaDB and MySQL
#12562 - InlineDerivedTable shouldn't inline when used in outer joins

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