CLT Meeting Notes Sept 2012

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Olaf Offick

Oct 1, 2012, 11:41:20 AM10/1/12

CLT Meeting Notes Sept 2012

Meeting Date Options:

Participants: Peter Martin, Sander Potjer, Olaf Offick, Isidro Baquero

Scheduled length of time: 2 hours

Agenda Items & minutes:

A. Progress Overview of CLT managed sub-sites:
  1. JED
    1. Sander and Matt B have full access to the site,
    2. New 3.0 icons were added to the site,
    3. Documenting new and old features,
    4. Possibility, to use Github for the sites code, so multiple people can work on imrovements
    5. Sander will check with PLT about an statement regarding the EOL
    6. JED Team Leader to JWC (face to face Meeting with Matt B)
  2. JPeople

    1. Community blog posts moved to the Forum (Thanks Peter)
    2. Fear that group features might be lost
    3. Volunteer Portal to maybe contain the group features
    4. Isidro to start a shared doc to collect ideas
    5. Somebody to volunteer to write a blog post to close JPeople

  1. JTD

    1. start with a 100% GPL approach (PHP, Javascript, CSS, images all GPL compatible)
    2. revisit this requirement in the future to see if this needs to change
    3. check legal point regarding other licences like apache
    4. Isidro to check if e.g. WP accepts themes with other licences (e.g. Bootstrap in a template)
    5. Trying to coordinate the people to launch the JTD at JWC (if at all possible)

  1. Forum

    1. 17 inactive moderators have been removed from the moderator team & have been thanked for their work in the past.
    2. In the forum a Community Blog Discussions board has been created where blog posts from can be discussed
    3. We experience heavy loads of spam at the forum. We are working on ways to decrease that amount of spam.

  1. site
    1. continue with update of design of the website to add multiple features
  2. JCM
    1. Site is migrated to Joomla! 2.5, but there might be still a few outstanding issues.
B. Other
  1. Working on new CLT Role descriptions
    1. By Tuesday Oct 2nd Isidro will share with the rest of CLT a working document about improving CLT structure, processes and positions that has been on the works for quite a long time
  2. New CLT Candidates
    1. Peter created a google doc to identify candidates
    2. start proposing people whose overall skills and characteristics would make them most likely "qualify"
  3. New CLT Candidates nominations
    1. Peter to start a document for the new blog post to ask community for nominees for CLT
  4. Follow up on Google Code-in 2012 Contest announced for 13-17 year old students interested in open source, to see how we can help
  5. publish the last meeting minutes and this one in the public google group and link to the forum for comments

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