CLT Meeting Notes - April 2013

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Olaf Offick

May 3, 2013, 10:13:41 AM5/3/13

Meeting Date Options:

  • Wednesday, April 24th 2013

Participants: Peter Martin, Sander Potjer, Olaf Offick, Brad Baker, Ruth Cheesley

Absent: Isidro Baquero, Guillermo Bravo

Scheduled length of time: 2 hours

Agenda Items & minutes:

A. Progress Overview of CLT managed sub-sites:

  1. JED

    1. Team meeting at JAB

      1. Proposal

Day 1 Topic: General meet and greet, questions and answers, layout the weekend plan.

Day 2 Topic: Extension submission processing and training

Day 3 Topic: Functional Design for JED3 completion.

Day 4 Topic: Extension submission processing and training.

      1. 6 JED members will have Team meeting at JAB:

Matthew Baylor, Peter van Westen, Martijn Boomsma, Tessa Mero, Gary Brooks, Ryan Bernstein

    1. looking into options for tools like MyJoomla scan

    2. VEL site will move to it’s own sub site within the family

  1. Forum

    1. Global Moderator Team Meeting at JAB: Ilagnayeru “MIG” Manickam (India), Nicola Galgano (Italy), Antonie de Wilde (Netherlands) will come to the JAB for a Global Moderator Team meeting.

  2. JUG’s

    1. Open session on JUGs at JaB got accepted.

  3. Events

    1. JAB session on Volunteers Portal got accepted


    1. Update of  needed to include new CLT members

  5. LinkedIn & Facebook & Social Media

    1. Access to our YouTube channel got recovered

B. Other

  1. Public Google Group Mailing List Manager: joomla-wg-community: We will create a spreadsheet to re-evaluate the access to the public group.

To comment on this, please discuss this here:

Sander Potjer

May 4, 2013, 6:04:10 AM5/4/13
A small clarification on the meeting notes, point 1b: looking into options for tools like MyJoomla scan:

The JED team requested to use the MyJoomla scan to check the website. The CLT will setup an account so the JED team (and other teams) can use this tool to scan the websites they are working on.

Regards, Sander Potjer

Joomla! Community Leadership Team
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