June 2010 Community Workgroup Team Reports

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Jul 5, 2010, 8:28:59 AM7/5/10
to Joomla! Community Working Group Leadership
The statistics for the Forum http://forum.joomla.org (June 2010) are:

Joomla Community Forum Team
( forum.joomla.org )
* Number of messages: 2,088,711 (New messages per day: 1,168)
* Number of topics: 481,519 (New topics per day: 269)
* Number of users: 391,346 (New users per day: 218)

New Mods:
* Global Mod: Leftfield, Spanish Forum: Carcam
* The Team: http://forum.joomla.org/memberlist.php?mode=leaders

Peter Martin


Jul 6, 2010, 11:20:49 AM7/6/10
to Joomla! Community Working Group Leadership
June saw some new positive changes to the Resources Directory (http://

Over the last few months, the JRD team have discussed ways to open up
the directory to more members of the community that are active

Because of that, the following areas of community involvement are now
Active free support on the Joomla! Forums
Active free support on Joomla-related International Forums
The Joomla! Community Magazine
Joomla! Day Attendance
Joomla! Day Sponsorship
Contributing Documentation
Extension Development
Active Beta Testing and Bug Squashing
Member of a Community Working Group or Production Working Group
Active member of a Joomla-related Google Group
Involved in other official areas of the project that are not listed

The full blog post can be read here:
The ensuing discussion on the J!People site can be read here:

The original version of the new guidelines opened the door to many new
submissions, but still was not all-inclusive to non-native English
contributors. Based on direct feedback from the community on the blog
post, the J!People site an the Joomla! Forums, the guidelines were
modified to be more internationally inclusive. While there is still
room for improvement (continuously) the team is very happy to see the
directory evolve with great community input.

Last month's statistics are:
23 New Listings (That's over a 10% increase in listings in one month.)
2 Reviews published
4 reports handled
Multiple e-mails between the team and community members concerning

Currently there are 8 pending listings.

Special thanks goes out to those community members that were involved
in help the Joomla! Resources Directory evolve!


Jul 7, 2010, 7:41:02 PM7/7/10
to Joomla! Community Working Group Leadership
New to the team are:

Isidro Baquero: Spanish
Manoel Silva: Brazilian-Portuguese
Roger Perren: German
Jesper Nielsen: Danish
Mike Carson

We are still in need of Language specific Community Managers.
Inquiries may be sent to Sandra Warren

A full list of members may be seen here

We have selected 6 extensions to be tested on the site and await
installation and configuration by azrul

The official launch date is still unknown as we await the finishing

Site statistics:
3835 members
429 published groups
Total activity updates 31383
Photos 938
Videos 270
Group discussions 485


Jul 8, 2010, 9:13:05 PM7/8/10
to Joomla! Community Working Group Leadership
Correction on the New Team Members. I had forgotten to add Luis
Mendez Alejo (Gnumax)

On Jul 7, 6:41 pm, magnoliaweb <sandra.war...@community.joomla.org>
> New to the team are:
> Isidro Baquero:  Spanish
> Manoel Silva:  Brazilian-Portuguese
> Roger Perren:  German
> Jesper Nielsen:  Danish
Luis Mendez Alejo: Spanish and Brazilian-Portuguese
> Mike Carson


Jul 20, 2010, 11:44:55 PM7/20/10
to Joomla! Community Working Group Leadership
Absent from this thread are June reports from the JED and JUG teams.


On Jul 8, 6:13 pm, magnoliaweb <sandra.war...@community.joomla.org>
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