CLT Meeting Notes - May 2014

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Alice Grevet

Jun 16, 2014, 5:19:19 AM6/16/14
CLT Meeting Agenda - May 2014

Meeting Date: Tuesday, May 20, 2014 at 21:30 UTC

Participants: Ruth Cheesley, Alice Grevet, Dianne Henning, Peter Martin, Olaf Offick, Sander Potjer

Absent: Brad Baker, Isidro Baquero, Guillermo Bravo, Peter Bui, David Jardin

Agenda Items & Minutes:

A. Progress Overview of CLT managed sub-sites:

  1. JED
    • The JED team is working on the new website. Further discussion will take place during the summit at JAB.

  2. JRD
    • Update coming at JAB.

  3. JCM
    • Planning JCM meeting for JAB (Agenda, participants) 

    • A meeting for magazine team members who will be present at JAB is planned for Saturday, May 31. An agenda is being drafted which includes planning the roadmap for improving functionality, workflows, international stories navigation, and author/translator profile management.

  4. JUG’s
    • JUG listing component
      A custom listing component is being coded to add extra core fields. This FOF component will be discussed and shared at JAB to get more people contributing to improve the code.

    • The JUG team is growing and has added two new members: Jan van Kuijk and Helvecio da Silva. Their orientation will continue at JAB.

    • Michelle Bisson has agreed to be the TM liaison.

    • Feedback is being collected from JUG organizers about how the team can optimize its communication. 

  5. Events

    Since most Events team members will be at JAB, the meeting was rescheduled to take place there.

  6. Volunteer Portal

    This discussion will take place at JAB.

  7. LinkedIn & Facebook & Google+

    In the Google+ group, a clear policy is needed to define what constitutes the removal of post, and the removal of a ban. A process is needed whereby a ban can be appealed. Olaf will create a Google+ unban request form which will forward to Ruth and Brad.

B. Other
  1. The meeting agenda for the CLT summit will include points on the volunteers portal, the JUG Directory component, and the project management tool.

  2. Sander will be the CLT rep to coordinate with Sarah Watz (OSM) on joint summit agenda items.

  3. CLT discussed options for grouping all sub-site credits on one credit page per site. Guidelines will be drafted at JAB.

  4. WordPress to Joomla documentation is coming along. The group is forming and a Google doc has been started. Soon a meeting will be planned.

  5. Project Management tool: Feng Office / Basecamp – People seem to prefer Basecamp overall and it is used by other Joomla teams. This can be discussed further at JAB.

  6. Marketing RFP – This should be added to the joint summit agenda for further discussion with OSM, in order to be on track with the next steps.

  7. Grace Hopper Conference for Women in Computing – Ruth’s talk was accepted and she will be speaking in the Student Opportunities Lab about “Getting Involved With the Joomla! Project”.
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