CLT Meeting Notes - Sep 2013

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Olaf Offick

Sep 30, 2013, 12:21:21 PM9/30/13

CLT Meeting Notes - September 2013

Meeting Date Options:

  • Wednesday, September 18th 2013

Participants: Peter Martin, Sander Potjer, Olaf Offick, Ruth Cheesley

Absent: Brad Baker, Guillermo Bravo, Isidro Baquero

Scheduled length of time: 2 hours

Agenda Items & minutes:

  1. JED

    • CLT will fund Matt to go to JoomlaDay San Francisco to talk about changing the ad space on the JED with Mike Carson (OSM).

    • Updated Proposal received from a third party for checking all the extensions in the JED. The proposal is almost finished and after that the JED team can start customizing the results and working on using the API.

  2. site

    • Trying a test migration next week, to see what can be achieved and what extensions are missing in 2.5/3.x.

    • Trying to look into SSO again, to see if a work group can be setup and discussions can be started again.

  3. JCM

    • JUG roundup article was added the JCM and was well received. It will be continued each month.

  4. JUG’s

    • The new Helpdesk is working quite well for the JUG and might be implemented for different departments as well. A few new members will be interviewed for the JUG Team and will join the team and will go through the JUG registration process. Planning to create some kind of package for all JUGs as part of the registration process.

  5. CLT member evaluation

    • Brad and Peter will fill out the self evaluation form until the end of September

    • Isidro, Sander and Olaf will fill out the self evaluation form until the end of November.

    • Guilermo and Ruth will fill out the self evaluation form until the end of February 2014

    • Once the form is filled out two CLT members will have an interview with that CLT member within one month.

  6. Project Management tool

    • Experiment with a  Project Management Tool on a testing server for testing purposes, give a demo to CLT. Then CLT will work a couple of months with it and after approval of the team, we’ll move it to a server.

    • use the Project Management Tools / Community calendar to be more pro-active about Key dates for the project - birthday, release dates

  7. JWC for Spanish Magazine Team

    • Members were added to the JWC guest list

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