January 2011 CWG Reports

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Peter Martin

Feb 1, 2011, 7:13:11 AM2/1/11
to Joomla! Community Working Group Leadership
The statistics for Joomla Forum http://forum.joomla.org (Januari 2011)

Number of messages: 2,260,933 (New messages per day: 1,131)
Number of topics: 526,280 (New topics per day: 263)
Number of users excl. (approx. 22,900) spammers: 423,736 (New users
per day: 223)

* The Team: http://forum.joomla.org/memberlist.php?mode=leaders

Peter Martin

Matt Lipscomb

Feb 1, 2011, 6:47:08 PM2/1/11
to joomla-wg...@googlegroups.com
Here's the report for Joomla! Resources Directory (please note, this also includes previous unreported months)
Listings Processed - 123
Reviews Processed -  51
Reports Handled - 38
Email Requests - 17
Listing Updates - 67

Matt Lipscomb

Feb 1, 2011, 7:31:39 PM2/1/11
to joomla-wg...@googlegroups.com
For the JED:  http://extensions.joomla.org 

Reports on Reviews:  12
Reports on Listings:  68 
Listings Submitted:  388 
Reviews Submitted:   1978
Listings Updated:  2097
Email Support Requests:  334 

Currently - 
295 Listings Pending
124 Listings Pending w/ Errors that Developers need to Correct 
1 Reports Pending 
0 Review Reports Pending
368 Review Pending 

The directory now serves 6902 extensions to the community. 

The JED team is currently reviewing ... 
the new Terms of Use to replace the existing Terms of Service (in partnership w/ the soon-to-be-published Directory Guidelines): 

Currently training and setting up space for the following new team members:
Abhinav Mathur, Andrew Sharman, Brad Mainland, Eduardo Lomeli, Fernan Hidabe, Konstantinos Kakousis, Matt Baylor, Mike Gusev, Mustaq Sheikh, Nagarjun Bodduna, Nathan Gifford, Ron Chatman, Sebastien Lapoux, Soren Beck Jensen, Sudhi Seshachala.

With the new Team Members in place, the JED has setup a "List of Goals" for 2011 - they are as follows (please keep in mind that these are goals of things to work on, not necessarily things that have had decisions made yet):
  • Revamp/redesign of the Listing Details (specifically the UI) including study of Enhanced opportunities
  • Revamp/replacement of the simple search
  • Accomodation of Mobile technology
  • Disability Compliance (section 508)
  • Revamp/or addition of, Logical Advanced Search
  • Revamp/replacement of the voting/review system
  • Move to more fully-featured "personalized" results for end-users
  • Full and enhanced documentation, on-site, for devs, end-users and team
  • Regular and scheduled communication
  • Installment of a JED Council
  • Full revamp of Guidelines
  • Cleanup of current directory listings
  • Best Practice 'automated checks' on submission
  • Tighter and enhanced integration with the VEL
  • Direct support of listing submitters/new dev
  • Ticket System
  • More International Language support with Key people in areas throughout the world

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