Marketing Team Meeting Thursday December 4, 2014.

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Jessica Dunbar (Google Drive)

Dec 4, 2014, 2:26:29 PM12/4/14


Marketing Team Planning Meeting Agenda  

Thursday  December 4, 2014.

Please see here for the meeting time in your timezone

Link to Hangout:


Marketing Working Group Members:  (Starting List set to none - please update Y/N to indicate whether you can attend.)


Marketing Working Group (MWG) Members:


Leadership Team Liaisons:


Jessica Dunbar [JD] - Lead  


Ruth Cheesley [RC] - CLT Liaison


Parth Lawate[PL]


David Hurley [DH] - PLT Liaison


Chiara Aliotta [CA]


Joe Sonne [JS] - OSM Liaison

Marketing Advisory Team

(Starting List set to none - please add or remove your name to indicate whether you can attend.)

George  Wilson

Mike Veeckmas

     Acronyms guide:

MWG = Marketing Working Group
CLT = Community Leadership Team
PLT = Production Leadership Team
OSM = Open Source Matters Leadership Team

JRD = Joomla Resources Directory
JED = Joomla Extensions Directory
JCM = Joomla Community Magazine

RFP = Request for Proposal (sometimes called Tender)


  1. Designate meeting facilitator to monitor time & action items and meeting note taker for minutes.

  2. Liaison Reports - Team coordination news:

Screen Shot 2014-12-04 at 10.26.05 AM.png

  1. Projects:

  1. EOL 2.5 Campaign


  1. Suggestions to promote Joomla! 10 years

    1. suggestions for Joomla! 10 on the forum (ping sander)

    2. come up with a slogan, and work with the community to celebrate

    3. More ideas :

Meeting Notes & Action Item Assignments

  • Meeting opened at T + 0:30  Lead by

  • Discussed sponsorship policy

  • backend is under review

  • discussed branding of (product) vs (project) marketing. Project marketing focuses on the community that builds joomla

  • To do’s for the 2.5 EOL

  • come up with slogan (time to do more)

  • Blog posts

  • video (mike will be working on)

  • the infographic will be directed for  2.5 only (chiara will be gathering feedback)

  • Download page (we will remove the 2.5 full package button and make it a link) Chiara will create buttons, Jess will update the content

  • Newsletter content by Parth to be reviewed

  • Features page should be updated

Suggestions for the Joomla 10 year anniversary

  1. suggestions for Joomla! 10 on the forum (ping sander)

  2. come up with a slogan, and work with the community to celebrate

  3. Ideas :

  • Meeting ended at T + 1:00

Parking Lot  (Issues, ideas and projects that are deferred - carried forward from prior meetings)

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