How to populate custom field dropdown with values from DB

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Apr 24, 2021, 5:22:09 AMApr 24
to Joomla! General Development

I trying to create a new custom field, which will have a select field with menu items from certain menu type, I got stuck at populating this select field with values from database.

Also I need to access these 3 object properties (id, title, link) on frontend, so the goal is to have in table #__fields_values in `value` column record like this:


I got to this point:


If I print DB query correct values are returned:

Array ( 
   [0] => stdClass Object ( 
        [id] => 101 
        [title] => Home 
        [link] => index.php?option=com_content&view=featured ) 

   [1] => stdClass Object ( 
        [id] => 115 
        [title] => Article 
        [link] => index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=1 ) 

But I don't know, how to get this in the select field.
Any help would be appreciated.


Apr 24, 2021, 5:37:34 AMApr 24
to Joomla! General Development
You need to get parent options, so you can set their values in xml form. And merge parent and current options.
protected function getOptions()
    // Accepted modifiers
    $hash = md5($this->element);

    if (!isset(static::$options[$hash]))
        static::$options[$hash] = parent::getOptions();
        $db = JFactory::getDbo();

        // Construct the query
        $query = $db->getQuery(true)
            ->select('id AS value, title AS text')

        // Setup the query

        // Return the result
        if ($options = $db->loadObjectList())
            static::$options[$hash] = array_merge(static::$options[$hash], $options);

    return static::$options[$hash];

But imho it's better to use Factory::getMenu() and search desired menu with loop. Because it's do not required an extra query to select menus.

Roger Creagh

Apr 24, 2021, 5:39:05 AMApr 24
Hi Elvis,
Further to what viper said:

A select list has only two parameters for each row - the value that will be returned, called "value" and the text that will be displayed, called "text"

So you need to build the string you want to display into a field called "text" something like this:

->select('CONCAT(firstname, " ", lastname) AS text');

so that the array only contains two items per row - "value" (which is the id field in your case) and "text"

then simply:

        $options = $db->loadObjectList();
        // Merge any additional options in the XML definition.
        $options = array_merge(parent::getOptions(), $options);
        return $options;

You could equally well get the data as you are and then build the string you want in php and create a new array with the correct text and return that.

Don't forget to merge in any options from the parent (eg a default value)


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