Can I fake user access levels using a plugin?

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Andrew Hickey

Aug 3, 2022, 8:10:08 AMAug 3
to Joomla! General Development
I have a client with a SaaS type product that I've developed for them. We currently have 2 different sites that I'm combining into a single joomla installation with the idea that they can access a suite of products. This has had the effect of making UAC very difficult, as I need to base their access on 2 different criteria:
1. Their level of access (company admin, consultancy admin, consultant, advisor)
2. Which products the organisation they are linked to are subscribed to (this will change, and I don't want to have to update every user when their company subscribes/unsubscribes to/from a product.
If I am to use the joomla core UAC system to control access to menu items and interfaces (and that's what I'd prefer) can/should I create a system plugin that looks at their user group and also whether the user's organisation is subscribed to a product and assigns access levels based on that.
If I had the following user access levels:
Product A Company Admin / Product A Consultancy Admin / Product A Consultant / Product A Advisor
Product B Company Admin / Product B Consultancy Admin / Product B Consultant / Product B Advisor
Product C Company Admin / Product C Consultancy Admin / Product C Consultant / Product C Advisor
Product D Company Admin / Product D Consultancy Admin / Product D Consultant / Product D Advisor
Product E Company Admin / Product E Consultancy Admin / Product D Consultant / Product E Advisor

I'd much prefer to just have 4 user groups that I would assign to users in the usual manner:
Company Admin / Consultancy Admin / Consultant / Advisor
and assign each user to the correct access levels on login based on that user group AND their organisation's subscriptions WITHOUT creating a specific user group for every user access variation.

Put another way, can I have user access levels set up where only super admin users are members, but override this using a system plugin based on their user group and checking the subscriptions of their organisation?

nb. I have my custom organisation component already created that has a companies table, a company_users table and a company_products table. I just want to be able to use this to help control the Joomla user access levels system.

Is this doable, and is it advisable (or am I missing a far better approach to this)?
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