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Ruud van Lent

Sep 16, 2021, 3:59:09 AM9/16/21
to Joomla! General Development

Hi, currently maintaining a J3 site that has a mobile app as front-end.
In the mobile app, new users are able to register an account (register as new Joomla user) and are able to login to use the app features. Everything displayed in the app comes from the joomla back-end (using ACL and everything Joomla has to offer).
I am using TechJoomla's 'REST Webservices For Joomla' for making J3 webservices ready and 'expose' Joomla functions to the mobile app.

I am now investigating switching to J4 and replace the TechJoomla 'REST Webservices For Joomla' with the J4 core webservices.

Does J4 webservices have a register user end-point? I see that it has a create user, but for that you already need an account (bearer-token). So that will not work for guest / non-logged in users to create an account for themselves. (or am i missing something?)

Does J4 webservices have a login end-point > login using username / password and get the bearer token for that authenticated user in return?

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