Joomla 4 Beta1 is on the horizon. Look forward to Joomla! 5

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Todor Iliev

May 20, 2020, 4:38:39 PM5/20/20
to Joomla! CMS Development
Hi friends,
I look forward to the new major release of Joomla. I hope to see the beta this month as you have written it in the roadmap. :)

I think about few enhancements in the process of moving to Joomla! 5. :)

What do you think if we implement Laravel Framework to Joomla! 5? It's not necessary to implement the whole framework. We can use some of its features.

We can replace the following Joomla! Framework packages with Laravel Framework packages.
For example...

(deprecated J! 4.1)          (implemented J! 4.1)
database                   ->  Database

(deprecated J! 4.2)          (implemented J! 4.2)
http                          ->   Http

(deprecated J! 4.3)          (implemented J! 4.3)
di                             ->   Container

(deprecated J! 4.4)          (implemented J! 4.4)
crypt                        ->   Encryption
filesystem                 ->   Filesystem

(deprecated J! 4.5)          (implemented J! 4.5)
console                    ->   Console
session                    ->   Session
log                           ->   Log
cache                       ->  Cache
mail                          ->  Mail

We will remove the deprecated packages in Joomla! 5.

The benefits of these changes are...
  1. We will free up a resource from supporting Joomla! framework, which can be used elsewhere.
  2. We will bring together the Laravel and Joomla communities.
  3. The developers will be able to find a solution quickly to their problems that arose during the development of extensions. There are so many advices from the Laravel community.
  4. The developers will benefit from the awesome Laravel documentation.
  5. We will be able to provide Entities package providing an Active Record based on Eloquent.
  6. We will be able to use Collections, Eloquent: Relationships, Pipeline, Queues, Validation in our extensions.
  7. The market share will grow up because much more developers will use Joomla over Laravel.
What do you think? :)


May 21, 2020, 12:50:51 AM5/21/20
to Joomla! CMS Development
Sounds awesome!


May 22, 2020, 1:44:53 PM5/22/20
to Joomla! CMS Development
It sounds like tying two different horses to opposite sides of a wagon and hoping that they will continue to walk in the same direction.

You'll be tying the fate of Joomla to the development of an entirely unrelated project who won't have any obligation to support whatever goals that Joomla users want.  Backward compatibility would be a nightmare, it could easily cut off directions Joomla developers want to explore, and Joomla developers would now be obligated to learn the ins and outs of an entirely different programming framework.  Every time a framework gets popular, especially when majorJoomla release is on the horizon, this same argument pops up.  It's never pretty.

If you want to use Laravel, use Laravel. Why try to shoehorn it into Joomla just to create another Laravel CMS?

If you really want it, Joomla's on GitHub.  Start your own project.


May 23, 2020, 8:51:25 AM5/23/20
to Joomla! CMS Development
I think, MonkeyT deliver the perfect response. Let Joomla be as independent as possible. Please! 
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