Boat Declaration/measuring, Fees and Warrant of Fitness

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Jan 23, 2022, 10:19:37 PMJan 23
to J14 Class Association NZ
Hi folks
In the J14 world we tie fee gathering ($30 per season) in with annual declarations or one off measurement which then produces a WOF.
Being a member doesn't necessarily obligate you to measure your boat nor does casual club level sailing.
Historically this combined process has created some confusion as gathering our small fees is really unrelated to measuring (which is required to compete in tier 1 events, like Nationals).
Once measured (one off) we only require an annual declaration, if things don't change on your boat year to year. Also if you purchase new sails from Norths or Graeme Robbins, for example, they don't require measuring.

So what you ask?
Declaration Form
If everyone wishing to get their annual WOF could down load the attached Declaration form and return it to me (bank account in form) the committee can process your WOF issuance.

If you'd like to do a measure please contact either myself or Rob Neeley to arrange this. We'll be able to do pre-booked measures at the Auckland Champs or ad hoc once we receive a request. In the main it's weighing the boat and foils plus odds and sods like checking black bands. The full J14 rules are published on our web site if you want to do your own checking prior.
I would ask the entire community (from novices to rock stars) to book a measure if you haven't been through the process; as to date we've seldom had issues that can't be easily fixed.
It also adds to re-sale where a boat is race approved.
Contact details etc are on our website >>

Hope to navigate our way around Covid and see everyone at French bay.
J 14 declaration 2021.22.doc
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