Fishy on Joliet St.

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Jul 11, 2008, 7:40:07 PM7/11/08
Prior to the excitement Wednesday night, there had been an unusual scene around 3 pm in the middle of the 1000 block of Joliet Street as two slender high school age kids began behaving in a way that could only be considered peculiar. The one pictured below carried a rod and reel and proceded to practice fly casting in the middle of the street despite the rain that was falling hard enough to soak their clothes. While this was happening, the other, out of camera range but dressed identically and similar in appearance but with sharper facial features, began very quietly and carefully scoping out the houses, yards and alleys of the middle portion of the 1000 block of Joliet Street. This went on for several minutes until the spy boy yelled something at the fly caster, who then threw the fishing rod to the ground as they both ran somewhat frantically away in the direction of Zimple or Oak St. I had occasionally seen these kids on Joliet before, walking toward the levee, but paid no attention as they weren't behaving suspiciously at the time. But their behavior Wednesday afternoon was unusual to say the least. I draw no hard and fast conclusions, but you might want to keep an eye out if you see them around.  

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