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Aug 10, 2008, 11:41:20 AM8/10/08
to Joliet-Freret-Cambronne Neighborhood
Please see the below message from Alice-Anne Krishnan, who has done a
great job as the chair of the neighborhood's crime committee.
Essentially, Alice-Anne would like to expand the parameters of our
group so it encompasses the greater neighborhood as opposed to just a
few blocks. I think she has a good idea, but I'd like to get
everyone's thoughts first.


Wondering if you would consider growing your google group - I would
like to propose a small change in the group's description, so that it
encompasses the Cambronne-Carrollton corridor from the River to
Claiborne, which mirrors the approximate make up of the Carrollton-
Riverbend Crime Committee.

I think your google group is a highly effective way of sharing news
about incidents in our area and NOPD, DA, etc. response to them. I'd
rather not start a new group, since this one clearly has momentum...

No need to change the name, website - all you'd need to do is modify
the group's description:

"The purpose of this group is to provide up to date crime information
residents living in the vicinity of Joliet and Freret AND CAMBRONNE
STREETS in the Carollton Neighborhood of New Orleans. If you are a
victim of a crime or hear of a crime in the area, please send out an e-
mail to the group."

I doubt this will result in an avalanche of more postings. The only
reason I ask is because I want to put a link to it on the CRNA website
(www.crna-nola.org), inviting those who have incidents to report to
post to the group.

Please let me know what you think... I imagine you'll need to check
with your group first?


D E Bookhardt

Aug 10, 2008, 9:52:11 PM8/10/08
to joliet-frer...@googlegroups.com
Sounds like a good idea as far as I can tell. Off the cuff, I'd say go for it.



Aug 10, 2008, 10:18:06 PM8/10/08
to joliet-frer...@googlegroups.com
OK with me.

Ernette M. Sterling

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Gordon Anderson

Aug 11, 2008, 1:22:10 PM8/11/08
to joliet-frer...@googlegroups.com
There are trade-offs that should be carefully considered. The formation of
the group was because of events taking place in our immediate neighborhood.
Expanding the boundary to Claiborne will, in effect, dilute the group's
original purpose and make it more difficult to keep up with events affecting
this area. And there are some differences in the neighborhoods between the
river and Claiborne that would get lost in a larger group. Of course, having
a central reporting site could also be a good thing. Is there any way to
have one site with sub-groups? For example, one of the suggestions made to
me follows; I've been asked to pass it on:

"It could be beneficial to be able to get info on other areas as well as our
own. As long as each smaller neighborhood area stayed close. For example
Leake to Oak could be area 1, Oak to Birch area 2, and Birch to Spruce area
3, and Spruce to Claiborne area 4, bounded by Jefferson Parish Line and
Carrollton. I don't know how the website could be set up unless everything
was reported to the same website with a sub area noted at the top. When
things get too big they seem to lose their effectiveness."

This seems a good idea though would it be too difficult (or confusing) to
set up? Smaller reporting areas linked to a larger site would, in my
estimation, seems the better choice.

In addition, one of our neighbors asked me to include this incident: On
Saturday night, about 10pm, she heard a noise outside and stepped out to
investigate. Two African-American males dressed in black t-shirts and black
jeans were walking down Freret toward Carrollton, one on each side of the
street, looking into each car as they passed it--in one case, apparently
trying the door handles. They challenged her when she stepped out on her
porch. The police were called.

D E Bookhardt

Aug 11, 2008, 4:13:13 PM8/11/08
to joliet-frer...@googlegroups.com
I agree with Gordon that any trade-offs would have to be carefully considered. What I
was hoping was that that our original group could be maintained in its current form and
that we would simply receive emails from the larger group as a way of keeping us up to
date on what was happening in the surrounding area. 
Then we could keep posting messages directly to our original group, for matters particular to this immediate area--or else to the larger group with regard to the broader concerns of the neighborhood. That is my preferred approach, if it can be accomplished trough the existing protocols. I think it can, though the simplest way might be for us to somehow be placed on their email list as recipients of their messages. Then if we wanted to post messages to that larger group, we might do so by joining that group as individuals--that way our internal emails wouldn't necessarily be going to everyone in the larger group. However it works, my ideal would be to receive messages from the larger group while maintaining the cohesive existing structure of our original group.   

Hevron, Marshall A

Aug 11, 2008, 4:31:46 PM8/11/08
to joliet-frer...@googlegroups.com

I just spent a few minutes seeing if this could be done on google groups, and I don't think it's possible. I'm not the best with this stuff, so if some one knows how to do this, let me know.

One way to accomplish your goal would be to create a new group for the whole neighborhood and to invite everyone on our list to join. That way, we can still send e-mail amongst our immediate neighbors about issues that directly affect us, but we could also receive e-mails on crime in the greater neighborhood. I think if everyone agreed to opt into the new group, it would have the same momentum that our group has. Alice Anne, let me know what you think?

Just to let everyone know, the group's parameters should be set to let anyone join without it being approved by the administrator. Any member of the group should be able to invite anyone else. Additionally, all posts go directly to all members of the group without approval by the administrator. Please let me know if you are having trouble with this and I'll try to fix it.

On an administrative note, the following e-mail addresses are bouncing back: dbak...@msn.com and hillary...@hotmail.com if anyone knows these folks, please tell them to send me their correct e-mail addresses.



D E Bookhardt

Aug 11, 2008, 6:41:10 PM8/11/08
to joliet-frer...@googlegroups.com
Thanks Marshall,

My only experience in the past was with Yahoo groups, and I think what I proposed was possible with them, but I'm not absolutely sure since I find Yahoo's protocols confusing.

A lot probably depends on what the protocols of larger group actually are. If they can't just put the Joliet-Freret group on their email list as a recipient of their messages, then the simplest thing might just be to keep our original group and encourage our members to join the larger group, or else just merge the two groups depending on which option has the most support. I agree with Gordon that there is something to be said for keeping our original group structure functional, but hopefully we can find ways to interact with the larger group as well. 

Thanks for looking into this,


Hevron, Marshall A

Aug 12, 2008, 8:11:58 AM8/12/08
to joliet-frer...@googlegroups.com
I saw Jill Stephens this morning while walking the dog and she said that there were three break-ins on Burthe Street in the vicinity of Dante yesterday. Has anyone heard anything about this?

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