Police Activity on the 900 block of Joliet

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Jul 9, 2008, 11:53:53 PM7/9/08
to Joliet-Freret-Cambronne Neighborhood
There was extensive police activity on the 900 block of Joliet St
tonight. Several officers were on the scene as was a police dog. I saw
officers lead away at least two suspects.

All I know is what I could observe from my living room window. Does
anyone know the whole story? Could someone forward this to Maj.
Glasser (I don't have his e-mail address), I'd like to get a report on
what happened tonight.


D E Bookhardt

Jul 10, 2008, 12:44:38 AM7/10/08
to joliet-frer...@googlegroups.com
Hi Marshall,

The detective on the scene said there was a shooting at Green and Monroe
St. and that the suspect(s) fled down Joliet St. One of them was caught by
the side alley of the lady who lives on Freret St.behind Peaches' back yard.
(Peaches lives the large double facing Joliet @ Freret.) I only saw one being
taken away (after much shouting), so any others must have been caught at
some other location.


D E Bookhardt

Jul 10, 2008, 1:10:24 AM7/10/08
to joliet-frer...@googlegroups.com, marian mclellan
Update--there were five of them and all five were apprehended according
to the officer who seemed to be in charge.

The shouting heard coming from the vicinity of the back yard of 937
Joliet was a result of one of the suspects having an encounter with
a large police dog as well as an officer with a taser.

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