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Mike Osborn

Nov 2, 2011, 5:42:10 PM11/2/11
Carolyn and everyone...
When your comment refers to another board, newspaper, etc., PLEASE include a link, e.g.
Link 1 Lawsuit to force IMSS to comply with their contract (think very seriously before getting involved in this)
Link 2 Chapala IMSS Clinic Question
Link 3 Health Insurance (other than IMSS)
Link 4 IMSS Denial - Catagory 33 (page three is pretty intereting)

I made "links" instead of the , cause it's just nicer to look at.  If you don't know how to do it go ahead and post the entire address.

Anyone taking the time to read each of these posts carefully will find things like "a friend of my told a friend of his about a guy in Joco.." and other "non-information."  In many, if not most cases the person involved directly had little or no Spanish.  When these folks see "Farmacia Cerrado", they don't read further where it says "in the afternoon," meaning y'all need to get here in the morning for meds.


I was at the Joco clinic last Wednesday to secure an appointment. There was a long line at the pharmacy, which is also appointments desk.  On the wall was taped a sign (in Spanish of course) that said "The Pharmacy Will Only Be Open In the Mornings."  NOTHING ELSE WAS SAID.  They didn't say "closed because we lost an employee, we're short of cash, we're repainting," it just said closed in the afternoons.  There was a long line, but people were walking away with meds and I was able to make an appointment for mid-November.  

Hospital charging for services:  This statement is ludicrous.  You can get your total or even partial service canceled, both legally and illegally, but IMSS is not set up to charge folks for services.  There's a sign on the wall (in Spanish) that specically states "No One Shall Charge ANY fees for ANY services."  Last Thursday I went to the new IMSS Tlajomulco Hospital 180 for a pre-surgery visit.  Had lab tests, met with surgeon, met with the anesthesiologist, and when done with all of them I took a piece of paper to the financial/records department.  At the financial dept. they took my little piece of paper, typed in my IMSS number and verified that I qualified for the particular services I was getting and that my payments were up to date.  The young lady stamped the paper and told me to bring it back on the 18th Nov. when I have my day surgery.

A side note about prescriptions; It turned out that the day they'd selected for the day surgery was same day I'd received for my monthly clinic visits for maintenance drugs (blood pressure/cholesterol).  Figures, right?  I commented to my surgeon "guess I'll have to reschedule my clinic appt!?"  The doctor replied "No, just tell me the morning of the procedure what you need and I'll give you a script for the hospital pharmacy."  

Gone broke?  Hardly.  Financially strapped?  Of course!  As is Medicare and the Canadian and UK equivalents.  People are just not dying quick enough.

Everything before this was "just the facts," the following is how I "feel."  This probably won't be a popular statement, but I believe that IMSS should at least triple the cost of their product to foreigners, have co-pays on medications, and otherwise be better business people.  OLD PEOPLE ARE EXPENSIVE WHEN IT COME TO MEDICINE.

The lousy $3000p a year, is less than I would pay for just my few medications.  We didn't work and pay into the IMSS system during our lives, but most of the people who use the system did or do .  Also, your average local patient isn't nearly as demanding (in our mind rightfully so) nor knowledgeable about what constitutes good care.  It's what they can afford and it's better than the public health system and still better yet than having nothing.  The way I look at it is, for $3000p a year ($240) I've got a card in my wallet in case I have a heart attack, get ran over or in an auto accident and so forth.  You want U.S. grade care (or even better), then buy one of those $1000US a month insurance policies with 1,000 different exclusions and live next to a good hospital in Guad.  Just about the time you'll need a transplant or expensive long term care, you'll find the insurance company has gone out of business or found some reason to exclude you.

P.S. I believe, though I can't verify it, that the Joco clinic is being examined very closely by IMSS management.  A few months ago they had some lackeys with clipboards interviewing patients outside the clinic. Unfortunately, probably because I was a foreigner, they didn't ask me. DARN! and I'm so shy about sharing.  If they revamp the clinic will it end up being a better place??... I doubt it.  Given the choice I'd rather drive to a clinic in Guad rather than go to either Joco or Chapala clinics.

On Wed, Nov 2, 2011 at 9:48 AM, simpsca <> wrote:
I just saw this on and thought I would share it here.  "My
friends went to Jocotopec and the pharmacy was closed permanently.
they got no meds and the Dr. said he could no longer prescribe
medicines as IMSS was broke. also said if you receive service at IMSS
hospital you have to pay now, no longer free."

Does anyone know if this is true?  I don't have IMSS but know that
many of you do.


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Nov 3, 2011, 12:26:32 AM11/3/11
Carolyn, this sounds pretty hokey to me. I just visited the IMSS emergency
room Monday for a couple of problems and was treated right away and given an
injection and three medications from the pharmacy. There was no fee
involved at all. There is a problem with the denial of prescriptions for
"chronic diseases" within the gringo community, however, and Adriana Perez
(Ajijic attorney) is looking into that for us.

Also, Maria Barbosa called this evening concerning a federal program that
provides free prescriptions for IMSS members. I will talk with her on
Friday to see what this is all about.


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