listView -> columns -> lastBuildNode() warns about build-node-column-plugin which is deprecated

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Benjamin Herbert

Jan 19, 2016, 10:45:23 AM1/19/16
to job-dsl-plugin

I am using listView -> columns -> lastBuildNode() and receive the following warning when I run my example:

Warning: (script, line 65) version 0.1 or later of plugin 'build-node-column' needs to be installed

I would welcome if the Job DSL plugin would not require deprecated libraries but am unsure how to contribute.

Can the code be updated to "require" the build-node-column plugin instead? If so, how to find out what version is the minimum?

Best regards

Daniel Spilker

Jan 27, 2016, 3:49:42 PM1/27/16
I saw that too. The problem is that we use the @RequiresPlugin annotation in the DSL to specify which plugin provides the config and that annotation can not express "plugin A or plugin B". And to keep compatibility we can't just change the existing method to generate the new config only. The best option would be to deprecate the existing lastBuildNode method and to add a new lastBuildNode2 (or whatever) method which will then generate the new config. Please file a JIRA issue for this:


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Benjamin Herbert

Feb 4, 2016, 3:05:22 PM2/4/16
to job-dsl-plugin
Thank you for your help! I filed a bug:

Best regards
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