JMeter-Citrix-plugin: Citrix Versions - 19.12.4?

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Dan Gold

Sep 9, 2021, 5:22:42 PM9/9/21
to jmeter-plugins
Does anyone please know the details behind this statement?  I am trying to determine if there is a technical reason .4 doesn't work (also with a commercial tool).  Is there a change in architecture or otherwise something major that is blocking?    Thanks!

"It is recommended to use Citrix Workspace version 19.12.2000 LTSR Cumulative Update 2, which is the version with the greatest compatibility between different versions of Citrix Server and Windows client versions."

David Giordano

Sep 15, 2021, 1:12:26 AM9/15/21
to jmeter-plugins
Hi Dan.

I am the person who created that sentence.

What I was able to discover is multiple issues incorporated by Citrix into security patches or enhancements in their client product.
These cause instability and loss of compatibility that limit operability or scalability.

Citrix Workspace in its most modern versions and still maintains backwards compatibility with legacy servers.
The specific version indicated is the one that we have detected as the most stable version into the most updated versions.
Subsequent versions from 19.12.2000 LTSR Cumulative Update 2 they started having new problems.

Some previous versions work, but the best stability and load capacity is not achieved.
It is possible to use Citrix Receiver 4.9, but we have found some functionality that does not work very well for load simulation, but you can try to use that.
For load testing, the better version for now is 19.12.2000 LTSR Cumulative Update 2.

The problems are Citrix Receiver and Workspace, problems that they have introduced by Citrix.
The problems affects any type of tools that use the Citrix client for automated tests or for load testing.

I don't know if the answer is what you expected.
If you have any other questions, don't hesitate to ask.


Dan Gold

Sep 15, 2021, 6:54:44 PM9/15/21
to jmeter-plugins
Thanks!    So, it seems you have tested with the newer versions, like 19.12.4000 LTSR ( 1912 LTSR CU4 ) and they are having new problems, correct?  Are these problems like you can no longer record or playback or more general instability?   Just wondering if there is a hard break you are aware of, like they added a level of encryption or changed protocol, that fundamentally breaks this way of testing or if maybe a future version might fix the stability issues.  Do you think we are stuck on CU2 or are we just waiting for a more stable version than CU3, 4, or 5?   Thanks!

This is where I am seeing the versions:

David Giordano (Gmail)

Sep 16, 2021, 9:55:42 AM9/16/21
Hi Dan.

Not necessarily, Citrix usually fixes their internal Client problems when identifying the issue.
Generally, these types of problems are not documented in the release note. 

Generally you have to wait for some updates until they are solved.
It takes a little time for them to identify the problem and fix it.

CU 3 I remember that they did something that prevented it from working, but we have not done homologation of the latest CU yet (CU 4 and 5)

Bearing in mind that the approvals are carried out on the LTSR version, we opted to go for the Long Term Service Release version, which ensures greater support and stability.
That does not mean that the CR versions are not functional, we simply do not have the ability to homologate them all.

The difference between LTSR and CR mainly lies in the fact that the CR versions incorporate new functionalities and technologies, when the LTSRs focus on maintaining stability and security updates in a more controlled way.

Our homologation process incorporates a complete cycle of installation, recording, playback and load testing, analyzing the behavior of the citrix client under load.
If something prevents it from being functional or affects the scalability in that test cycle, the version will not be listed as recommended.
This does not necessarily mean that you cannot use another version, it is just a recommendation of a version that we know works correctly.

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