[ANNOUNCE] JLine 3.15.0 released

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Matti Rinta-Nikkola

May 28, 2020, 1:33:06 PM5/28/20
to jline-users
JLine 3.15.0 has been released and is now available on maven central.
  • Add support for rxvt terminals, fixes #533
  • Automatic Module Names
  • GraalVM native-image support #381
  • Color customization using variables
  • Support cygwin recent versions #520
  • Nano SyntaxHighlighter support color codes 0-255
  • Groovy command registry with commands console, inspect and grab #527, Command Registries

    Breaking changes:
    A new package org.jline.console has been created and several already existing classes have moved in it.

    org.jline.reader.ConfigurationPath            -> org.jline.console.ConfigurationPath
    org.jline.reader.ScriptEngine                 -> org.jline.console.ScriptEngine
    org.jline.builtins.Widgets.ArgDesc            -> org.jline.console.ArgDesc
    org.jline.builtins.Widgets.CmdDesc            -> org.jline.console.CmdDesc
    org.jline.builtins.Builtins.CommandInput      -> org.jline.console.CommandInput
    org.jline.builtins.Builtins.CommandMethods    -> org.jline.console.CommandMethods
    org.jline.builtins.CommandRegistry            -> org.jline.console.CommandRegistry
    org.jline.builtins.Completers.SystemCompleter -> org.jline.reader.impl.completer.SystemCompleter

    Known issue
    Unfortunately commit 7d82b59 has remain out from the release 3.15.0.
    NPE happens when using ConsoleEngineImpl with Groovy and enabling traces by setting a non zero value to CONSOLE_OPTIONS.trace.

    Please report any issue !

    Matti Rinta-Nikkola
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