[ANNOUNCE] JLine 3.16.0 released

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Guillaume Nodet

Jul 17, 2020, 9:01:36 AM7/17/20
to jline...@googlegroups.com
JLine 3.16.0 has been released and is now available on maven central.
The change is available below.
Please report any issue !

Guillaume Nodet


  • rxvt terminal: Null Pointer Exception with infocmp warning #550
  • Auto suggestion: error when type Asterisk character (*) #548
  • Builtins title is shown in command help without commands #546
  • Auto suggestion: choices are not refreshed after tab #545
  • handle java.lang.ArithmeticException: / by zero #526
  • NonBlockingPumpReader.read() does not block #552

Enhancements and new features

  • SystemRegistry help customizations #547
  • Simplified examples #537
  • Groovy language REPL offers 1) tab completion for variables, packages and methods, 2) auto suggestion: display method signatures and syntax errors on status bar and highlight errors on command line.

Groovy REPL
Launch Groovy REPL after you have build JLine

./build repl

and press ALT-S to toggle auto suggestions.

Screenshot from 2020-07-11 19-40-24

Screenshot from 2020-07-11 19-42-05

Breaking changes:
Pull request: #540:
A new module jline-console has been created and several already existing classes have been moved in it.

org.jline.builtins.Widgets.CmdLine               -> org.jline.console.CmdLine
org.jline.builtins.ConsoleEngine                 -> org.jline.console.ConsoleEngine
org.jline.builtins.SystemRegistry                -> org.jline.console.SystemRegistry
org.jline.console.AbstractCommandRegistry        -> org.jline.console.impl.AbstractCommandRegistry
org.jline.builtins.Builtins                      -> org.jline.console.impl.Builtins
org.jline.builtins.ConsoleEngineImpl             -> org.jline.console.impl.ConsoleEngineImpl 
org.jline.builtins.JlineCommandRegistry          -> org.jline.console.impl.JlineCommandRegistry
org.jline.builtins.SystemRegistryImpl            -> org.jline.console.impl.SystemRegistryImpl 
org.jline.builtins.Widgets                       -> org.jline.widget.Widgets
org.jline.builtins.Widgets.AutopairWidgets       -> org.jline.widget.AutopairWidgets
org.jline.builtins.Widgets.AutosuggestionWidgets -> org.jline.widget.AutosuggestionWidgets
org.jline.builtins.Widgets.TailTipWidgets        -> org.jline.widget.TailTipWidgets
org.jline.console.ConfigurationPath              -> org.jline.builtins.ConfigurationPath

Pull request: #543:
CommandRegistry interface has been removed two methods:

  1. execute(CommandSession session, String command, String[] args)
    You should implement instead invoke(CommandSession session, String command, Object... args)

  2. CmdDesc commandDescription(String command)
    You should implement instead CmdDesc commandDescription(List<String> args) , where args.get(0) is equal command.

Stefano Fornari

Jul 18, 2020, 6:16:50 AM7/18/20
to jline...@googlegroups.com
Great job! thanks!

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