so where did jline.ConsoleRunner go?

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René Jansen

Aug 8, 2019, 11:56:04 AM8/8/19
to jline-users
Hi there jline users.

I hope you are having a good day and please forgive the ignorance and mild discomfort in the tone of my question. I have googled for more than 45 minutes now; I also am hungry.

But ... where did jline.ConsoleRunner go?

I am using jline 1.0, mainly for up-and-down arrowing of command history in diverse cli interpreters/repls that I wrote. I invoke those with 'java jline.ConsoleRunner my.package.class' in an alias or shell script. 

The package is org.jline etc now, seeing the contents of the jar. Jline3 is according to the githhub site a successor to Jline2 which is a successor to Jline1. I casnot find any instruction to accomplish what I did in Jline1 anywhere. I have read the wiki. It is sparse when compared to the increase in jar size.

My main motivation is to do more with colour; the cli's do their own parsing. Also, the website admonishes us to use Jline 3 instead of 1 or 2. And of course we want to be up to date.


1) how do I do what I did
2) do I now need to introduce dependencies on this tool in my code?
3) why can't I find architecture change decisions between the major versions of Jline?

I hope someone can point me to the location where all is explained.

best regards,

René Jansen.

Guillaume Nodet

Aug 11, 2019, 11:38:48 AM8/11/19
JLine 2 and 3 offer more customizations than JLine 1 did.  In the process of adding features and allowing more user customization, the simpliest way using the ConsoleRunner has not been ported.
The default LineReader can be obtained as shown in
I've tried to quickly port the ConsoleRunner here:
I haven't really tested it, but that should give you an idea on how to port things.  Note that if you were using completers in jline1, you'll have to rewrite those too.

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René Jansen

Aug 11, 2019, 12:18:39 PM8/11/19
Hi Guillaume,

thanks for your answer. I have bitten the bullet and integrated jline3 in my code. I think it is a great piece of work and thank you for providing it.

best regards,


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