[ANNOUNCE] JLine 3.20.0 released

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Matti Rinta-Nikkola

May 3, 2021, 11:57:28 AMMay 3
to jline-users
JLine 3.20.0 has been released and is now available on maven central.
Please report any issue !


Matti Rinta-Nikkola


  • JLine history file seems to grow without limit #642
  • After JLine has trimmed history history-search-backward widget does not work well #643
  • Use new 24bit support when parsing ANSI sequences #641
  • Fix case insensitive typo matching #647
  • Fix PumpReader.read(CharBuffer) not being synchronized #660
  • Command prnt style option does not work #661
  • TailTipWidgets throws IndexOutOfBoundsException when descriptionSize set to 0 #645
  • Groovy REPL demo erroneously can complete groovy statements in shell command #663

Enhancements and new features

  • Add a PrintAboveWriter class to print text above the prompt #649
  • Add a color field on the TerminalBuilder to control the dumb terminal #662
  • CamelCase matcher has a poor performance #650
  • CompletionMatcherImpl: adjust matcher functions execution order #648
  • Use JLine DefaultPrinter class to print table #638
  • DefaultPrinter: map print enable option for keys selection 169f9cff
  • Command colors: add option --ansistyles 6c3cfb7f
  • SystemHighlighter: use LS_COLORS rules to highlight command file args and option values 3320df5f, 5f2497dd
  • Unable to directly handle unknown commands in console #653
  • Groovy REPL does not load classes from groovy sources #664
  • Groovy REPL: purge dynamically created Script classes from classloader cache & add groovy command classloader 8f092569 , ead6de89, a3bf295e
  • Groovy REPL: add support for Groovy traits 9d05f0ae
  • Groovy REPL: add option syntheticMethodsCompletion 427fbadf
  • Groovy REPL: improve package completion performance 8daf2917, 1d9bb288
  • Groovy REPL: add inner class completion 7df36e38
  • Groovy REPL: method tab completion fails complete obj. super class methods 8dc496fb
  • Groovy REPL: manage tab completions of dynamically loaded jars 92a63e14
  • Groovy REPL: add tab completions to classes that are created in REPL 513e6fd4
  • Groovy REPL: complete get meta methods also as identifiers 6567d4bf


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