[ANNOUNCE] JLine 3.19.0 released

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Matti Rinta-Nikkola

Jan 19, 2021, 9:07:48 AMJan 19
to jline-users
JLine 3.19.0 has been released and is now available on maven central.
Please report any issue !


Matti Rinta-Nikkola


  • DefaultHistory.matchPatterns is broken #635
  • Fix non-synchronized access to handlers map #629
  • ctrl-k, ctrl-u clean line however does nothing with tips from tailtipwidget #623
  • JLine3 should not allow building a system terminal if input or output is not a tty #612
  • Redirecting input from file to app fails when using ConEmu with Jansi, fixes #298
  • Ubuntu xterm supports the 24bit color sequences but JLine uses only 256 color palette #633
  • AttributedStyle: fixed method backgroundRgb() ae2ff29
  • fix JLine variable name value of COMPLETION_STYLE_LIST_BACKGROUND eb86dc7

Enhancements and new features

  • Add CompletionMatcher to allow customize completion matchers #627
  • Option group-persist: keep also group names on menu-list f0a4adf
  • Apply completion background styles to the entire completion table/list cell 58c0b38
  • FilesCompleter: add constructor parameter namePattern c159895
  • New builtin command colors
  • nanorc and COLORS variables support true color TODO wiki
  • Command prnt: add options --rowHighlight and --border 2d42d39, 014296d

Breaking changes

  • FilesCompleter & DirectoriesCompleter: removed boolean constructor parameter forceSlash, see #476,


  • Customizing tab completion

  • Printing table

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