[ANNOUNCE] JLine 3.18.0 released

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Matti Rinta-Nikkola

Dec 11, 2020, 11:08:12 AM12/11/20
to jline-users
JLine 3.18.0 has been released and is now available on maven central.
Please report any issue !


Matti Rinta-Nikkola


  • Inline completion re-sorts while tabbing when using groups (menu-list) #618
  • Tab completion loses groups when tabbing (3.17 regression) (menu-list) #613
  • JLine option AUTO_MENU_LIST: candidate list is wrongly positioned (menu-list) #600
  • Failed to build JLine Graal demo: NoClassDefFoundError #615
  • JLine nano xml highlighting differs considerable from GNU nano highlight (nanorc) #614
  • Less fails with PatternSyntaxException (nanorc) #609
  • Keep argument sorting in large argument list when formatting candidates for terminal into multiple columns #605
  • Jline completion has logic issues with terminal and prompt widths (StringIndexOutOfBoundsException) #604
  • Auto suggestion error when type "\" character #602
  • Autosuggestion choices are not refreshed after tab #545
  • Windows gitbash: JLine will create dumb terminal if JNA lib is in classpath #599
  • Display command is incorrect when use here document #607
  • Windows CMD, redirecting input using JLine with Jansi fails #597
  • Dumb terminal when piping input to console app disallows ANSI formatting #299
  • readLine() ignores any text in the buffer when OEF is reached #298

Enhancements and new features

  • Support terminal palette #620
  • Support for 24-bit colours #619
  • Show auto-suggestions when the reader starts reading #598
  • Groovy REPL: highlight command and groovy language syntax using nanorc ca381ee
  • Document how I/O error in LineReader.readLine is reported #608

Brad Wood

Dec 11, 2020, 12:18:27 PM12/11/20
to jline...@googlegroups.com
Thanks for the release, guys!


Developer Advocate
Ortus Solutions, Corp 

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