New versions of ConEmu don't show 256 colors when scrolling

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Brad Wood

Dec 2, 2019, 3:42:40 PM12/2/19
Is there anyone else using ConEmu on WIndows who has tried the 19xxx preview builds.  I've always had good luck on on the stable 16xxx builds when it comes to displaying 256 colors.  Since ConEmu will only show ANSI attributes in the bottom "work area" of the console, JLine "scrolls to the bottom" of the console which works pretty well.  I still get a huge buffer I can scroll through, but colors only work at the bottom.

However, on the preview/alpha 19xxx versions of ConEmu, 256 colors will ONLY work if I completely disable scrolling all together by disabling the buffer with the startup arg of 

While effective in making colors work, not being able to scroll sucks for my JLine console app.  I assume this is an issue with ConEmu but I'm not entirely sure how to prove it.  Has anyone else ran into this and have a solution or know if it's a reported issue?  I'm also curious if JLine can work around it, but I don't have high hopes since I get the same behavior just echoing raw ANSI escape sequences from a batch file.



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