jGnash 3.2.0 Released

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Craig Cavanaugh

Jul 5, 2019, 7:11:51 PM7/5/19
to jgnas...@googlegroups.com, Google jGnash Devel Group
A new stable release of jGnash is available for download

Upgrading is highly recommended.

This release addresses a couple of ugly bugs, some user interface inconsistencies and adds some new features.

The ugly bugs were failure to create automatic backups of your jGnash file on exit in the correct location if you had a directory with a '.' period in the name.  The common trigger was often users of Insync for backup to cloud storage.
Also, there was bug that was preventing creation of new Sell transactions if a non-detailed gain/loss value was specified. 

New features are the ability to copy selected transaction information to the system clipboard using a context menu as well as reinstatement of the ability to export tabular reports as XLS or XLSX files.


A complete list of changes is below:

Release 3.2.0
* 07/05/2019 Fixed a bug that was preventing entry of investment transaction gains or losses without using the detailed entry form and specifying a gains and loss account.
* 07/05/2019 Fixed a bug that was causing backup files and database conversions to save in the wrong location or fail completely if a period existed within the file name's path other than the file extension.
* 07/05/2019 The style of selected odd rows of TreeTables were not consistent with even rows.
* 06/30/2019 Updated to latest Netty and PDFBox dependencies.
* 06/30/2019 The manual was missing from the distribution.
* 06/30/2019 Converted the manual to Latex and moved to a manual process to improve build performance.
* 06/15/2019 Improved the speed of detecting a non converging IRR calculation.
* 06/15/2019 Protect against Reminders without descriptions.
* 06/14/2019 Tabular reports may now be exported to a spreadsheet.
* 06/01/2019 Updated to the latest Hibernate dependency.
* 05/26/2019 The current budget period is now highlighted for easier identification.
* 05/26/2019 Selected table rows were not using the user configured focus color.
* 05/22/2019 Added a context menu to copy selected transactions to the clipboard.
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