jGnash 2.36.2 has been released

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Craig Cavanaugh

Feb 17, 2019, 8:18:15 AM2/17/19
to jgnas...@googlegroups.com, Google jGnash Devel Group
jGnash 2.36.2 has been released.

Upgrading is recommend.

jGnash is available from the usual download location.   https://sourceforge.net/projects/jgnash/files/latest/download

This release fixes bugs and improves compatibility with Java 11 until jGnash 3.0 is available.

You should be able to run the old Swing UI with Java 11 without manual installation of external libraries now due to improvements made withing supporting libraries jGnash uses.

Also, this release "may" operate with the new OpenJFX UI by installing  https://www.azul.com/downloads/zulu/zulufx/ as your primary JVM.  I've not tested this yet.  Feedback from the brave would be appreciated.

When switching to Java 11, most users should avoid installation of Oracle's Java 11 and should be installing OpenJDK instead.  The ZuluFX is one of several free to use JDK releases with OpenJFX preinstalled that are starting to pop up.

The progression for operation under Java 11+ still continues.  The new reporting interface is progressing nicely with only a couple more reports to complete.  Feel free to compile and test the 3.0-dev branch.  When 3.0 is released, export of the reports to formats other than PDF will be limited.  Future releases will support .xls and .xlsx exports as well.  The ODT format will be dropped as it never exported well and was not very useful.


Release 2.36.2
* 02/17/2019 Fixed an issue preventing the old Swing UI from running with Java 11 (Swing).
* 02/10/2019 Prevent an exception when importing odd OFX files using an XML declaration. (GitHub Issue #72)
* 02/10/2019 Update to the latest Hibernate, Netty, and HikariCP dependencies.  This improves compatibility with Java 9+.
* 01/14/2019 jGnash would not start on a early access version of Java 8 (Swing, Fx, GitHub Issue #71)
* 01/11/2019 Corrected an exception when the date picker was cleared and focus was lost (Fx, GitHub PR #70) _[pchurzin]_
* 12/24/2018 Updated Polish translation (Swing, Fx) _[Sławomir Szarkowicz]_
* 12/24/2018 Fixed several localization issues reported by Sławomir Szarkowicz.
* 12/24/2018 Corrected a Runtime exception when trying to create a new file for locales without a country specified (JavaFx, Bug #65) _[valnaumov]_
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