jGnash 3.0.1 release

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Craig Cavanaugh

Mar 23, 2019, 6:33:02 AM3/23/19
to jgnas...@googlegroups.com, Google jGnash Devel Group
A new stable release of jGnash is available for download

This is an update release that address several new bugs uncovered with the last release.

Upgrading is recommended.

The feedback to help stabilize the 3.0.x releases has been greatly appreciated.  I plan to continue picking at some small annoyances for the next release to ensure stability, but wanted to get the current batch of fixes out for use rather than wait.  Plan for shorter update periods for a bit.  The TODO section of the changelog is actively updated with prioritized issues to work on.

An important note if you have not taken the plunge yet to 3.0, is to ensure you have a clean installation of Java when you upgrade to Java 11.  For Windows users, this means a full uninstall of old Java 8 JVMs and JDKs, reboot, and then perform a clean install of Java 11 using the links provided in the README file.  This is created issues for a couple of users.  In general jGnash should work very well on Windows with a bit of house cleaning.  

Linux users need to follow the directions of their specific distribution if you have multiple JDKs or JVMs installed and all should be good.

For Mac users, Homebrew appears to be a good option for installing OpenJDK.  If someone would like to create some detailed instructions for a Mac install, I would be more than happy to include them in the README (a pull request is great also).


A complete list of changes is below:

* 03/22/2019 Corrected a very rare concurrency exception when retrieving investment accounts using a relational database.
* 03/23/2019 Updated to the latest Hibernate dependency.
* 03/22/2019 Updated Russian translation. _[pchurzin]_
* 03/22/2019 Reporting would fail if Java encountered a font file it did not like.
* 03/21/2019 Fixed wrong currency symbol in Debit/Credit Columns if using a full format. (GitHub Issue #75)
* 03/19/2019 Do a better job of reporting bootloader network errors.
* 03/19/2019 Disabled Ctl-C shortcut for closing a file (Conflicts with a paste command).
* 03/18/2019 Prevent an exception from occurring if a default directory does not exist.
* 03/16/2019 Changed the download link in the Windows launcher to use a correct JDK.
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