jGnash 2.36.1 has been released

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Craig Cavanaugh

Nov 6, 2018, 5:48:12 AM11/6/18
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jGnash 2.36.1 has been released.
Upgrading is recommend.

jGnash is available from the usual download location.  https://sourceforge.net/projects/jgnash/files/latest/download  

This release is all about bug fixes and updates to dependencies.  Thanks for the continued bug reports, patches, and feedback.  List is changes made is below.

The README documentation was also cleaned up and reorganized by Ashley... Thanks!

The progression for operation under Java 11+ continues.  I've working on the reporting interface right now which is currently the primary roadblock to moving forward.  
When complete, it should be faster and reduce application size considerable.


Release 2.36.1
* 11/06/2018 Updated to the latest Commons CSV dependency.
* 11/05/2018 Potential fix for a ConcurrentModificationException when changing budget properties (Swing, Bug #64)
* 11/04/2018 Updated to the latest Hibernate, Netty, XStream, and JUnit dependencies.
* 11/01/2018 Adjust width of the date column to match entry format and font scale. (Fx, GitHub Issue #63)
* 10/07/2018 Improved handling of OFXv2 files with incorrectly escaped XML characters. (Swing, Fx, GitHub Issue #61)
* 10/01/2018 Currency exchange rate is working again.  Yahoo continues to lock down their API. (Swing, Fx) _[Pranay Kumar]_
* 10/01/2018 Updated German translation. (Swing, Fx) _[Alex Werz]_
* 09/30/2018 Fixed an NPE when an ISIN was not specified for a security. (Swing, Fx) _[Pranay Kumar]_
* 09/16/2018 The new file wizard would not behave correctly if the task list was used instead of stepping sequentially using the Next button. This also impacted the Import Wizard. (Fx)
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