jGnash 3.4.0 Released

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Craig Cavanaugh

Dec 14, 2019, 8:53:24 AM12/14/19
to jgnas...@googlegroups.com, Google jGnash Devel Group
A new stable release of jGnash is available for download.

Upgrading is recommended.

This release of jGnash contains several enhancements and subtle fixes.
  1. I've created a new .exe launcher for Windows users.  The old Launch4j wrapper is beginning to misbehave with newer Java releases and it's simply not keeping up with the changes.  This first release of the launcher requires that JAVA_HOME be set correctly.  The user manual details the specifics.  
  2. The new launcher will also work for Linux and OSX users, but I've got more testing and packaging to work on.  For now, the jGnash script is still the best option.
  3. I've created a new List of Accounts report which allows export of the Account tree to PDF, CSV, and Excel formats.
  4. IEXCloud can now be used for Securities download.  The manual details how to configure for it.
  5. Internal cleanup to make jGnash future proof for the upcoming JavaFX 14 release.
  6. Better error handling and file encoding support for QIF and Mt940 files.
  7. Corrected a minor performance regression from several releases ago.
  8. The user manual has been updated with more specifics for installing Java on Windows.
  9. And... a few minor tweaks and fixes,

A complete list of changes is below:

== Release 3.4.0
* 12/14/2019 jGnash now uses a Rust based exe launcher for Windows users that replaces Launch4j.
* 12/14/2019 Updated to the latest Picocli and Hibernate dependencies.
* 12/01/2019 Switching the recommended Windows JVM to AdoptOpenJDK.
* 12/01/2019 Removed old jGnash 2.35.1 workaround for bad UUID values.
* 12/01/2019 Added a List of Accounts report.
* 11/30/2019 Added an Export function for the account tree.
* 11/30/2019 The headers in the CSV export of an account are now localized.
* 11/30/2019 Changed the internal delimiter for transaction tags to allow use of commas (currently not user accessible).
* 11/29/2019 Added a Securities chapter to the Manual.
* 11/29/2019 Prevent a NPE when changing the Symbol of a Security shortly after viewing it's chart.
* 11/27/2019 Added support for IEXCloud as a data provider for Securities history.
* 11/16/2019 Switched to a public API introduced in JavaFX 9 to prevent table column reordering in the Budget View.
* 11/04/2019 Errors and warnings from a failed QIF import were not being displayed.
* 11/03/2019 Mt940 import now correctly handles files not encoded using ISO_8859_1.
* 11/03/2019 QIF import now correctly handles files not encoded using UTF8.
* 10/27/2019 Improved the behavior of the Report dialog when manually changing the scale.  The auto fit size toggles will be cleared automatically.
* 10/24/2019 Internal cleanup to improve handling of Client/Server network failures.
* 10/23/2019 Fixed a regression that prevented caching of hash codes.
* 10/19/2019 Updated to the latest H2 dependency.
* 10/01/2019 The majority of the build system was migrated to the Kotlin DSL.
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