jGnash 2.33.1 - Important Update

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Craig Cavanaugh

Aug 19, 2017, 7:50:58 AM8/19/17
to jgnas...@googlegroups.com, Google jGnash Devel Group
jGnash 2.33.1 has been released!

Upgrading is highly recommended!

jGnash is available from the usual download location.   https://sourceforge.net/projects/jgnash/files/latest/download 

This release corrects a regression in Release 2.33.0 that is preventing the loading of some xml and bxds files in addition to some other minor issues and improvements.  The error appears to be a bit random, so upgrading is highly recommended.

If you are having an issue, the best solution is to open the file using 2.32.0 and save as a .h2.db, .mv.db, or a .script database file and then open in release 2.33.1  You may them save back to a .xml or .bxds file.  The database formats will always provide for the best system crash protection.

There have also been some minor changes to allow operation under Java 9 with use of the --add-modules java.xml.bind command line option 'after' java and before -jar.  The manual details the normal command line options.

The detailed list of changes is below.


Release 2.33.1

  • 08/18/17 Corrected an issue with optimal Date storage in xml and bxds files caused by a regression introduced in 2.33.0
  • 08/16/17 The OFX export will now generate required information for transfer between accounts. (Swing, Fx)
  • 08/15/17 Simple use of portable preferences was failing with use of -p or --portable. (Swing, Fx)
  • 08/15/17 Display a console message with the successful uninstallation of application preferences. (Swing, Fx)
  • 08/15/17 The command line help system was not being displayed on the console correctly. (Swing, Fx)
  • 08/14/17 OFX import now supports transfers between accounts. (Fx)
  • 08/13/17 The open dialog was incorrectly allowing selection of a file when a remote connection was selected. (Fx)
  • 08/13/17 Internal were changes made to allow operation with Java 9 with the addition of the command line option --add-modules java.xml.bind. (Swing, Fx)
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