jGnash 3.3.0 Released

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Craig Cavanaugh

Sep 22, 2019, 5:19:14 AM9/22/19
to jgnas...@googlegroups.com, Google jGnash Devel Group
A new stable release of jGnash is available for download

Upgrading is recommended.

This release corrects several issues minor issues and annoyances, and incorporates the official release of JavaFX 13.

The Portfolio report has been enhanced to allow control of displayed columns and the date range of the report.  Tabular reports in general now have improved date management behavior.

I've also added the capability of specifying a custom style sheet to further alter the appearance of jGnash.  Those interested will need to dig through the JavaFX source code.

This release has also been tested with Java 13 and is working well, but remains compatible will Java 11 and later.


A complete list of changes is below:

Release 3.3.0
* 09/21/2019 Update to the latest Hibernate, HikariCP and PDFBox dependencies.
* 09/18/2019 The displayed columns for the Portfolio report can now be changed.
* 09/16/2019 Don't display an exception if tabular report generation is interrupted.
* 09/15/2019 The Date range of a Portfolio report can now be changed.
* 09/14/2019 Prevent a rare NPE that would occur when deleting an account shortly after closure of a tabular report.
* 09/14/2019 Updated to the latest Picocli and Commons Text dependencies.
* 09/12/2019 Updated to JavaFX 13 dependency.
* 09/08/2019 Custom style sheets can now be applied to theme the UI.
* 09/07/2019 Made changes to prevent a very rare ConcurrentModificationException when using a relational database.
* 09/01/2019 Fixed a source code encoding issue that caused issues when compiling and testing under Windows.
* 09/01/2019 Updated to the latest Netty dependency.
* 08/26/2019 The selected file type was ignored when exporting a register and the extension was not specified within the filename.
* 08/25/2019 Properly restore the configured page size of a report if it's not a custom size.
* 08/25/2019 Expanded the auto-completion API to improve unit testing robustness.
* 08/25/2019 Fixed a regression that was causing a failure to load .h2.db files.
* 08/25/2019 Added a new option to save/restore prior report dates and added a Reset button.  The default start date is now the 1st day of the month.
* 08/12/2019 Backup files are no longer created unless the data file/database has been changed during a session.
* 08/11/2019 Consolidated CSS to make customization easier.
* 08/11/2019 Prevent a transaction form null pointer exception at shutdown when working with a multi-currency files.
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