jGnash 3.0.0 release (Java 11)

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Craig Cavanaugh

Mar 16, 2019, 4:54:19 AM3/16/19
to Google jGnash Devel Group, jgnas...@googlegroups.com
A new release of jGnash is available for download

This release requires Java 11.

Significant changes are:
  • Java 11 compatibility
  • The old swing UI has been removed 
  • Tabular reports were redone and enhanced
The core of jGnash is the same as the prior release and backwards compatible with 2.36.2.

Java 11 changes the default numeric formats for accounting values.  If you do not like the defaults, you can change the format within the Options dialog.

A complete list of changes is below:

* 03/14/2019 Updated to the latest H2 and Netty dependencies.
* 03/13/2019 Control of report resolution was added to the Balance Sheet and Net Worth reports.
* 03/12/2019 Corrected localization issues with the Default Currency and Locale selection dialogs.
* 03/12/2019 Updated to JavaFX 12 (Java 11 Compatible).
* 03/10/2019 Made the Options dialog accessible without a file loaded.
* 03/10/2019 Number formats can now be chosen using the Options dialog and are more consistent.  This allows full control of the display of register values and provides a work around for a known JDK 11 bug.
* 03/10/2019 Date format selection was moved to the Formats Tab in the Options dialog for UI consistency.
* 03/08/2019 Disabled generation of the faulty -fx.bat file in the distribution.
* 03/07/2019 Decimal fields now use an internal math interpreter instead of the Javascript interpreter.
* 03/05/2019 Updated to latest h2, Apache Poi, and sl4j dependencies.
* 03/05/2019 Minor internal changes to take advantage of Java 11 APIs.
* 02/27/2019 jGnash is designed to operate with Java 11 and newer.
* 02/27/2019 Removed support for old Swing UI.
* 02/27/2019 Jasper is no longer used for report generation.  jGnash now uses it's own internal reporting API.

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