jGnash 3.5.0 Released

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Craig Cavanaugh

Feb 17, 2020, 6:54:43 PM2/17/20
to jgnas...@googlegroups.com, Google jGnash Devel Group
A new stable release of jGnash is available for download

Upgrading is recommended.

This is a significant release in that the ability to create custom Tags and tag transactions has been added.  A basic Tag specific report has been added, but within the register, you can also filter by Tags.

Tag's are not necessarily required for every transaction, but are helpful for those who may want to mark transaction as unexpected or as for discretionary and non-discretionary spending as an example.

I've also correct an issue with the automatic download of the JavaFX dependencies.

This release will update your file format.  It's been thoroughly tested, and please make a backup of your file.


A complete list of changes is below:

Release 3.5.0
* 02/03/2020 Updated to the latest Hibernate, Poi, and Commons CSV dependencies.
* 02/11/2020 jGnash will now restart automatically for Linux and OSX users after downloading the JavaFX dependencies.
* 02/10/2020 Restructured main classes to a package to make future development with jpackage cleaner (GitHub Pull Request #88) _[msgilligan]_
* 02/08/2020 Build system cleanup and consolidated the bootloader.
* 02/08/2020 Fix RuntimeException when the currency of a locale is unknown. (GitHub Pull Request #92) _[t-pa]_
* 02/08/2020 Updated to JavaFx 14-ea+8.
* 02/05/2020 The location for JavaFX dependency downloads has changed.  HTTPS is now used.
* 02/03/2020 Updated to the latest Picocli, Hikari, PDFBox and Netty dependencies.
* 01/19/2020 Correctly handle a change to the Yahoo finance cookie expiration date.
* 01/01/2020 Transactions may now be tagged and filtered with user managed Tags.
* 12/28/2019 Fixed poor transaction form behavior caused by opening a splits dialog and closing before adding entries.
* 12/27/2019 Reduced overhead for icon management.
* 12/26/2019 FontAwesome icons were updated resulting in some icon changes.
* 12/15/2019 Reworked the Engine API for advanced transaction tags.
* 12/14/2019 The Windows exe wrapper will now look in the registry if JAVA_HOME has not been set.

IM Tanuki

Feb 18, 2020, 6:17:48 PM2/18/20
to jGnash-devel

Is there anything new about this release that would cause it not to run? Nothing else has changed on my end (win 10 1903, jdk 13, java_home, etc are all the same). But after changing start menu (file and path) jgnash won't start. run as admin from within 3.5.0 dir likewise does nothing...


Craig Cavanaugh

Feb 18, 2020, 6:23:34 PM2/18/20
to jGnash-devel
I did some work with the jGnash.exe file.  It works on my system...

The change was to look at the registry if the JAVA_HOME env was not set, but it's possible I broke something.

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