jGnash 2.34.1

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Craig Cavanaugh

Jun 12, 2018, 5:39:17 AM6/12/18
to Google jGnash Devel Group, jgnas...@googlegroups.com
jGnash 2.34.1 has been released.

jGnash is available from the usual download location.  https://sourceforge.net/projects/jgnash/files/latest/download  

This release contains bug fixes and minor enhancements.  

jGnash now removes stale locks for relational databases automatically if the application or OS has crashed.  A couple of old obscure bugs were corrected as well.

The detailed list of changes is below.


Release 2.34.1
  • 06/07/18 Updated Russian translation. (Swing, Fx) _[pchurzin]_
  • 06/07/18 Updated to the latest Hibernate, Netty, Hsqldb, and DynamicJasper dependencies.
  • 06/06/18 Remove stale relational database lock files if a crash had occurred.
  • 03/28/18 Updated to the latest H2 dependency.
  • 02/06/18 Improved snooze behavior for reminders. (Fx) _[leeboardtools]_
  • 02/05/18 Corrected a race condition in the transaction register that would cause a rare sorting issue and IndexOutOfBoundsExceptions. (Fx)
  • 02/03/18 Updated to the latest Netty dependency.
  • 02/02/18 Corrected an IllegalStateException when manually reconciling transactions. (Fx)
  • 01/12/18 Nested Investment accounts were summing with small fractional errors depending on Market price. (Swing, Fx)
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