JFXtras 0.7 Release Candidate 2

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Stephen Chin

Jul 4, 2010, 9:45:50 PM7/4/10
to jfxtra...@googlegroups.com, jfxtr...@googlegroups.com
I have pushed out an updated release candidate of JFXtras 0.7 which can be found here:
(There were no changes to JFXtras-Test, so RC1 is the latest)

This release includes several bugfixes:
  • XPicker:
    • Adjust dropdown to work for Applet implementations (will not dynamically track when dropdown is open and applet is dragged)
    • Allow prompt if no selection made/preset and allow a selection clear
    • Allow styles to be inherited by the popup/dropdown and enable tooltips
    • Alter tooltip to be public and add demo example
  • Other:
    • Added animation features to XHBox and XVBox
    • Fixed Dialogs to drag and resize properly
    • Corrected SelectableText to handle updates to numbers
    • Added baseline support to XMigLayout
    • Integrated a new XDialogDemo from Christophe and renamed XStageDemo.
    • Removed a println in XPaneSkin
    • Fixed color binding in XTableSkin
    • Fixed a bug in XScrollViewSkin which caused a ClassCastException
    • Added a new CURRENT_MODAL constant to XDialog for access to the dialog instance when modal
    • Fixed a bug where dialogs would exit out of an applet when closed
    • Fixed a bug in XPanel where the backgroundFill could not be set to a gradient
This closes out all the reported bugs on the beta and RC builds so far.

Please try out the latest build and report any issues on the mailing list or in the issue tracker:

If there are no showstoppers, we will do a final release next weekend.  Thanks for your support and patience throughout this release cycle!

blog: http://steveonjava.com/

James Weaver

Jul 5, 2010, 12:20:10 AM7/5/10
to jfxtr...@googlegroups.com, jfxtra...@googlegroups.com

Awesome, Stephen and crew!

Jim Weaver

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