11-r2 release (and 14-r2 and 15-r2)

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May 4, 2021, 3:44:39 AM5/4/21
to jfxtras-dev@googlegroups.com (via tbeernot@gmail.com)

So I had a little time to spent on JFXtras of late, and decided to throw some things around:

  • Finished moving to Maven, I gave up fighting Gradle.
  • Ported the whole development to Ubuntu, because Windows requires a license. Test still are doubtful if they will run correctly on all Ubuntu environments. Curious about that though. ResponsivePaneTest is having quirks.
  • Move the test-support module to the test scope. This was a big problem and a choice had to be made between four bad options: keep test-support in runtime, illegally include modules which are not really on the module path, NullPointerExceptions when loading resources during tests, unable to compile at all. I chose the second for now.
  • Removed branches for 14 and 15. Having to cherry-pick all changes to all those branches (16 would be added now) is a lot of senseless work. From now all development is done on the 11 branch and only checked on Java 12+.
  • That would leave the 14 and 15 releases hanging dry in Maven central, so I'll be releasing those in sync with the 11 releases until Java 17 becomes the next LTS. Then only 17 releases will be made, until the next LTS. Unless there is a good reason to upgrade.
  • Also jfxtras-labs is moved to Maven. There the tests issue is not resolved, so a number of test are ignored. JPMS and testing really sucks.

Maybe now I can finally start doing some JFX coding again. :-)

Regards, Tom

PS: there are some issues open on both projects that could use some TLC.

PS2: I've also released a new version of MigLayout for JavaFX basing on Java 11.

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